Blueberry Lemon Glazed Doughnuts


 Everyone loves an outlandish story as much as they like guilt-free doughnuts, right?

Hopefully, because here’s one of those outlandish (and incredibly creepy!) stories for you. It has nothing to do with doughnuts, but I won’t apologize because as good as the following story is…these doughnuts are even better.

So, anyways.


I had a hockey game Sunday night and just as I was getting ready to leave the locker room for the ice, Mr. Prevention called. He never calls when I’m at hockey, so I picked up. He said that a man had just tried to open our front door (aggressively) and then rang the door bell. He got dressed and went downstairs and saw a young man on the porch.

He opened the door (dumb dumb dumb!) and the guy said his name and tried to shoulder his way into the house. Mr. Prevention told him he had the wrong house and to go away. The man tried to shoulder his way in again and Mr. P closed and locked the door and watched him walk away. (Why he didn’t call the cops, I have no idea.) At this point, Mr. P just said that I need to call him when I get home so he can be sure I get in the house safely. After my game, Mr. Prevention called again. He said that he had let Lily out and on our neighbor’s property, there was a man walking around, hooting and hollering with a flashlight (this was all through thick evergreens on our property line and the property of our neighbors who are in FL for the winter). Lily barked at the person…and the person BARKED BACK. Completely creeped out and confused, Mr. P called the police. He described the man at the door earlier and then this incident. There were 7 squads at the house within 2 minutes, Mr. P reported.


Apparently, the strange man had tried to “break in” to several other houses, or at least managed to scare the heck out of everyone because by the time I got home, every house had EVERY indoor and outdoor light on, lit up like a Christmas tree.

I guess one of the cops came back to tell Mr. P that the man was tripping on acid and had done similar things to our neighbors. He said they had found a shoe and iPod on our neighbor’s front porch. SO weird and pretty creepy! We live on a very quiet street in a very safe community and I know crazy stuff happens every where, but geesh!

Confirmation that drugs are bad and I will stick to nearly harmless addictions such as the use of my doughnut pan ;)


 I survived my first beginner boot camp class at the gym last night and finished the evening with a hockey game. Wish me luck walking today!

Be well,



  1. Wow, that is a CRAZY story. I have to say I’d be pretty terrified if that happened to me, even if I just heard it over the phone.

    Anyway, those donuts look yummy. I love the blueberry lemon combo.

  2. Creepy!

    THe weirdest thing that ever happened to me was when I was living in a house with a few friends that happened to look exactly like the house next to it- just flipped, if that makes sense. Anyway, I was in my room upstairs one day and a guy game up the stairs and was like, “where’s matt?” I didn’t know all of my roommate’s friends, so I didn’t freak, but was like, “huh?” and the guy looks in my room and realizes what happened. “Oh sorry… wrong house…”

    He didn’t even look like it phased him. I would have been so humiliated…

  3. Very creepy story….good thing everyone was okay and they caught the guy. These doughnuts look great Nicole! :)

  4. Yikes! That’s insane!
    Are you a little paranoid now about your safety?

  5. These donuts are as beautiful as your story is scary! Glad everything turned out ok!!

    Congrats on the bootcamp and hockey game….I love to watch hockey, haven’t attempted to actually participate! :)

    I am now following you via Facebook (Yesterfood and personal account Joy McElroy) and via Google reader! Looking forward to more posts!

  6. I’m so glad you guys are ok and that they caught the creepy guy. These donuts sound amazing – might be time to bust out the donut pan again to make these. :)

  7. Ha! I was not expecting the ending to that story. That would scare me to death. Glad everything turned out okay. And these look amazinggg.

  8. Ok, super creepy! It’s good that Mr. Prevention didn’t get hurt either.
    But yes, these donuts are fabulous!! I will definitely be trying these.

  9. That is so creepy! Glad he wasn’t a criminal on the run or something like that! Good that everyone is ok. I agree on the drug thing, I’ll take sugary sweet highs over any other kind any day of the week! Have a good day Nicole!

  10. That is creepers! My husband probably would have opened the door too – our silly men!

    That’s it – I need to bring out my donut pan – stat!

  11. michele says:

    Wow……I would be TOTALLY creeped out! I mean, who BARKS BACK at a stranger’s dog? The donuts look yummy…….I need to break out my pan!

  12. very creepy but i am glad you and Mr P is both safe. Drugs are bad thats why we should all eat donuts : )

  13. Creepville!! Glad you both are safe!!

    Can’t say the same about this donuts and me, in the same room.

  14. I’m glad Mr. P and you are ok, your story could have had a different ending

  15. These donuts are giving me life I am making them this weekend

  16. Okay, the part I can’t get over is the guy barking back at the dog. Crazy much? Good thing you had these awesome looking doughnuts to console you!

  17. You know I love a donut! These sound fabulous…I think I too, will be making them this weekend! As for the guy…super creepy…and he is lucky he didn’t get shot, b/c I’m pretty sure that is what would have happened around here.

  18. These are such pretty donuts Nicole :)

  19. I guess Mr. P learned his lesson that he should have called the first time! Sheesh…crazy people. I’m with you though, I can get pretty crazy with donuts! ;-)

  20. Catherine says:

    I have a question, I do not have a donut pan ( I know, I know), could these be made in muffin tins instead??

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Catherine, I believe so (I am NOT a baker!!) but I wouldn’t fill them totally full — about 1/2 way, I’d say, with a similar baking time. I hope that helps!

  21. These look so refreshing and yummy! Just so you know, no one tripping on acid has ever tried to get into any of the apts I’ve lived in in NYC. :p

  22. oh my these look fantastic!

  23. I went looking for a donut pan at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night. They had two, a regular size (which bakes 6 donuts) or the mini size (which bakes 12 donuts). Can you tell me what size pan you use? the mini looked more like MICRO mini to me, and if that is how big the donut are, I could probably eat a whole pan worth. I would like to stick with the regular size pan, but want to know what the nutrition stats are for that size. Thanks, I can’t wait to try these!!

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Jan! My donut pan holds 6 donuts, abotu 3 1/2 inches in diameter. They’re not HUGE, but they’re about 80-90% the size of a standard donut. Hope that helps!

  24. These look divine! I may try making some in my mini bundt pan, until I get a real donut pan.

  25. I’ve had these pinned for several months…. Finally made them! They are delicious! My coworkers are going to love me tomorrow :)

    I actually made alot of them into mini muffins… my donut pan only makes 6 and I wasn’t patient enough to wait.

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Glad you liked them, Pam! I’m super jealous of your coworkers this morning…one of these would sure hit the spot ;)

  26. Robin Dinsmore says:

    I want to bake the Blueberry Lemon Donuts, but I cannot tell from either the photos or the recipe if these are “full-size” or “minis”? Please kindly respond via my E-mail address. Thank you. I love your website. Healthy cooking is what I am aiming for in my lifestyle.

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Robin, these are 3 1/2 to 4-inch donuts, so definitely not mini. I would say they’re slightly smaller than a traditional bakery donut, but not by much! Hope that helps!


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