Chicken Caesar Wraps


I had every intention of yesterday being a good day. But, not so much.

The high point: my morning dentist appointment (no cavities)! How sad.

Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I’ll get through my email. And maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I will pass my electronic medical records proficiency assessment…despite having very little time to practice all that I learned in the training sessions. Paper to electronics in a hospital is quite the undertaking…


The low point of yesterday: coming back from a meeting to find the health inspector in the kitchen. While the kitchen is very well operated and my staff are highly reliable and competent, it was my first inspection since starting my position. Luckily, all went well…however, the inspector didn’t leave until after my boot camp class was nearly over.

I am 0 for 2 this week with attending boot camp. Guess there’s always next week…

It was everything in me to go to the gym and get in a workout, but I did.


I added insult to yesterday’s injury by doing intervals on the treadmill. I HATE intervals. But, you never regret a workout, right?

I was glad I had a quick meal planned…but sadly, it was a flop. Mr. Prevention ate what I made, but I didn’t like it at all. I ended up with yogurt, toast, and strawberries. I hate wasting food, but I also refuse to ever “waste” calories eating foods I don’t enjoy!

Days like yesterday and recipe flops like last night make me very grateful for quick, simple, healthy, and delicious meals such as this. Simple is sometimes best, right? Right!


Hoping for a better day today!

Be well,



  1. Oh man these look good! Sorry the highlight of your day was the dentist. Hopefully you were able to enjoy some laughing gas? ;-) Here’s hoping today’s a better day!

  2. Well, I hope today goes better for you. At least the inspection was a success (with your teeth AND with the hospital kitchen, wahoo!).
    Great recipe. I’m pinning it.

  3. As a health current health inspector, I can attest to the fact that we always show up at the worst possible time. Not intentional, I swear! Glad it all went well, though!

  4. Fingers crossed for you! Glad that the inspection went well :)

  5. Glad it all went well with health inspector, although its stressful :( yay for electric charting, I am so glad we started as EMC here..on a different note- this caesar wrap is something I need to make more on regular basis rather than buying who knows how old wraps from deli

  6. Hang in there Nicole – hopefully you’ll get some downtime this weekend! Love that wrap! :D

  7. Aww, hope tomorrow and the weekend get better for you. :)

    I looove chicken caesar wraps and always order them out but should really start making them at home too – looks delish!

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