Citrus Chicken Fajitas + Weekly Menu


One day this past week I lost it. I got sick of Mr. Prevention blowing off the clean-up duty after dinner…more than any other night, that is. Per the usual, he loaded HIS one dish and glass in the dish washer, leaving all other dishes behind, returning his tush to his Lay-Z Boy to flip through the channels. If looks could kill…

“Would it KILL you to load the dishes required to MAKE our dinner along with your own?” I demanded.

“I didn’t know if you were done with them…” he said, knowing his answer was LAME.


We fight about dishes all the time. It’s as though I get punished for preparing a nice meal most nights. Not only do I meal plan, shop, and prepare the meals…but I get stuck with 98% of the clean up, too. Please tell me this doesn’t go on in other households!

This particular night, Mr. Prevention asked what was for dinner and when I repeated his all-time favorite Mexican meal of “chicken fajitas” I received a very snide, “Did you do anything WEIRD to them?”. The nerve, I tell you.


 Yesterday, Mr. Prevention and I were driving home from brunch. We saw an elderly couple pushing a lawn mower…together. It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Ironically, Mr. Prevention shared my sentiment and even wanted to snap a photo of the adorable dual effort. Of course, I had to seize the opportunity.

“Don’t you see how much they HELP one another? I bet he helps clean-up the dishes after they’re through eating, too…” I said.

Of course that didn’t win any brownie points. These fajitas, however? Big brownie points.


Weekly Menu: April 14th – April 17th

Hockey today! I haven’t played in 2 weeks! :-D

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  1. That is a recurring argument in my household as well. If you ever find a solution or common ground, please share!

  2. Nicole, my dear, you are not alone. I am not even sure if my husband even KNOWS where the dish detergent is for it! I have 100% of the household duties. His knees are really bad so stairs are his nemisis – guess what’s in the basement? The washer and dryer! So I have that duty too.

    Mind you, if I asked him to help, he would, it’s just not in his wheel house to take it upon himself. :D

    Enjoy your Sunday! I am going to Oak Park today! My mom is in a coral ensamble and they are performing at Pilgrim Church this afternoon. :D

  3. Hello Nicole, your chicken fajitas look wonderful – full of vibrant color and nutrients. I was really struck by your words about your ‘happy weight’ in the pictures segment. So often we struggle and strive for unrealistic goals dictated by a relentlessly judgmental society. I just wanted to say bravo for recognizing your healthy, happy weight and sharing it with the world as you do so well on your beautiful blog. Thanks as well for featuring my jerk chicken on your weekly menu. It allowed me to discover the gem of you!

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Aw, thanks Kelly! :) It is so funny you just left this comment…the jerk chicken is just about to come off the grill and MAN does it smell good :) Thanks for a great, healthy recipe! I look forward to trying more of them!

  4. That definitely happens in our house too. I make 95% of the food and do 100% of the dishes. Every day. And even once the dishes are clean, I’m the one who puts them away too — he barely knows where everything goes! Oh well, at least everything is cleaned and put away exactly where I like it, right? ;]

    Your fajitas look amazing! Maybe the next time you make them, he’ll think to clear your plate too. Just because you got extra brownie points for making them again!

  5. I do 100% of the household duties and wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband offers and tries to do the dishes every now and then (he washes his own breakfast/lunch/random dishes), but I’m such a Type A control freak I won’t let him. In all fairness he does suck at getting them clean (we don’t have a dishwasher) so I get sick of re-washing them all the time. We also live on an acreage so he does 100% of the outside duties so it’s a good trade-off in my opinion! I’m pretty sure I’m a rare breed though :) And ask me again about this once we have kids, haha.

  6. We have a rule: I cook, you clean. The difference is that I am a clean as I cook kind of person and J is a pile it all in the sink until the end kind of person. It works out pretty well for us.

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