Avocado Tuna Salad + Weekly Menu


Back in August, my family and I drove an hour south of Chicago to Joliet, Illinois. My mom had purchased a “NASCAR Racing Experience” for my dad, a lover of all things cars. Unfortunately, on that day back in August, we were rained out and received a rain check for his “experience”.

Fast forward to yesterday, and we were there for his rain check race “experience”. The date has been on my calendar for months. Having grown up at race tracks on account of my dad’s hobby of racing vintage stock cars, race tracks tend to feel like home.

While this particular race track excelled in sanitary restrooms, they offered no food for sale. Whaaa?


We waited. And waited for his turn to race.

We went to the driver’s safely meeting. Listened to the man repeat himself at least three times. No burnouts, got it. Check your 2-way radios, got it. Don’t release your 5-point safety harness, got it. It started to rain for a moment and I got nervous. Rain check #2? Please NO.

We returned to the track only to sit around and wait, and wait some more. Finally, my brother and I went to a nearby, extremely sketchy gas station to get something to eat and drink. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wouldn’t you know my dad was the LAST person to race for the day? His scheduled race time was 10am. He got into the car at 1:28pm. Yes, I looked at my watch phone. He raced the track 5 times, topped out at 132 miles per hour, and we walked back to the car with him saying, “I’m hooked.” Oh fabulous.


In the nearly 5 hours we were at the track, we had a lot of FAMILY BONDING time. We talked about everything from school to jobs to vacations, and everything and anything in between. We even talked about avocado tuna salad because my mom has been on the prowl for a light mayo or mayo-free tuna salad to help use up the “15 cans” (this number is still to be confirmed – a hot topic in my parents’ home) of tuna my dad has been stock piling in the basement ever since the Y2K scare well over a decade ago.

I proudly informed her that I found a winning recipe for her — this one. She reported to me she had found one, too, but was yet to try it. And then, she threw me a print out of a recipe. This recipe…and I laughed. Other than few small modifications, this recipe was worthy of 2 thumbs up in my book. Loved it and its simplicity.


Weekly Menu: May 12th – May 16th

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms…especially mine! :-D

Making brunch and heading home…a busy week — Hospital Week — is upon me!

Be well,



  1. Erin K. says:

    I love the idea of adding avocado to one of my favorite summer salads. I can’t wait to try it! As a mayo hater myself, I always make my tuna salad and chicken salad substituting the mayo with non-fat greek yogurt. Much better!

  2. It may not be pretty, but it sounds delicious. I look forward to your weekly menus, by the way. :-)

    • Nicole, RD says:

      It DEFINITELY isn’t pretty ;) Thanks, Lizzie…Sunday is usually the busiest day on my site, so I think a lot of people like the weekly menus. Too funny, I love it! :)

  3. This is definitely my kind of tuna salad!

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