Crab and Avocado Salad


We’re having landscaping done at our house. It was an unnecessarily long road to getting quotes, to getting blue prints, to getting the work actually…in progress. However, both Wednesday and Thursday when I got home from work, it was like pulling up to a surprise party. I was very unsuspecting of what I would see. Wednesday, I came home to a bobcat in my front lawn with large portions of what used to be grass transformed into flower beds.

As someone who has never mowed a lawn in my entire life, I don’t know the first thing about landscaping. All I can say is…it looks like a TON of work.


Now that we have this beautiful landscaping my plan for putting in a raised vegetable garden next year may need reconsidering. We don’t have any backyard to speak of, but our side yards are good-sized. I just don’t know that I want to deter from the now attractive landscaping.

What problems, I know. The good news is, I am days away from my first CSA delivery and it is to include kale, arugula, snap peas, radishes, and mint. I am for sure making some of this Creamy Radish Dip and some mojitos.

As for the greens…more salads, please!


My friend, Kristin, sent me this recipe after she tried (and loved) it. I’m always up for recipe recommendations (hint, hint!) and Kristin definitely knows my style when it comes to food. Seeing as it contains both crab and avocado which are both included in my top 3 favorite foods of all time…it was a no-brainer.

I can see adapting this salad to include a bunch of the goodies that are to come in my CSA boxes this summer. I’ll stick with the crab and avocado, though. Mmmm!


 TGIF!!! :-D

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  1. I can’t believe you’ve never mowed a lawn. Seriously Nicole?!?! Well, if you ever need practice, come on over to our house :)
    This salad sounds great. I actually have a similar recipe at work, which was sent to me by the Avocado association, or something… I’ve been meaning to make it but haven’t gotten around to it. Yum yum

  2. Looks delicious. I made something similar to this from all places, the Australian Allrecipes site when one of the allstars assignments was to take pictures of recipes without pics on that site. It used lime juice, crab and avocado, and it was delicious. How fun getting the landscape done! I’d love to put in a garden, but I have a few obstacles too. Not enough sun anywhere in my yard and deer.

  3. I actually might like this since the mayo is mixed with the Greek yogurt – can’t stand mayo by itself. It used to gross me out when my step-son was little and I asked him what kind of sandwich he wanted. His response? Mayo sandwich please! I was like “what kind of meat to you want on it, ham, turkey?” And he just wanted mayo between two slices of white bread. Ew.

    Countdown to the cookbook being available – can’t wait to share it on my blog when its out. :D Happy Friday!

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