Meatless Monday: Parmesan Gremolata Smashed Potatoes


I went to bed on Saturday night thinking, “I have absolutely, positively nothing that I HAVE to do tomorrow.”

Needless to say, I slept soundly. And my summer cold had me snoring Mr. Prevention out of the bedroom. Poor dude. I slept like a champ, however…all the way til after 9am. It was glorious.

Yesterday morning, I made it through a few sips of my morning coffee before deciding to take big time advantage of the empty calendar.


I made 2 muffin recipes, a biscotti, and a fruit crumble for cookbook #2. Each recipe was hugely successful and the crumble? Whoa. That one is going to be hard to beat. Sixteen recipes in, it’s the recipe I’m most proud of thus far. I can say no more other than I’M SO EXCITED!!!! :-D

And, my kitchen was a complete and total nightmare by noon. I think I filled and ran the dish washer THREE times yesterday. Three!

My neighbors? They have got to be completely and utterly confused by my all-day PJ’s and photographing food on the front porch. I mean, there’s just not a whole lot about that that’s remotely…normal.


What is remotely normal? The magic that happens when potatoes meet a ton of garlic, olive oil, and summery lemon. Add to that some cheese and parsley – voila. I could have made a meal of these potatoes. In fact, I snacked on them for “breakfast” as I was baking up a storm yesterday morning. Garlic and coffee? Who knew it’d be acceptable?

Do me a favor, however. Don’t put ketchup on these like Mr. Prevention. It’s insulting. These Parmesan Gremolata Smashed Potatoes are truly magical…and ketchup is a tragic addition. Promise.


 Three day work week…I got this :)

Be well,



  1. omg i need these potatoes liiiike….stat.

  2. SOOO good…right??? Ive already made them on 2 or 3 different occasions already. :)

  3. I cannot believe that Mr. P. put ketchup on those! Gah! But then again, I can believe it! Hooray for a 3 day work week!

  4. Yummy!! Woo hoo for 3 day work weeks!

  5. Ummm, I think I could eat a plate of this and call it dinner. This looks fantastic Nicole and keep up your recipe-making hard work! Garlic and coffee…that’s food of the gods, it’s called power-feeding the brain! hehee

  6. I bet your neighbors didn’t think you were weird at all… I bet they were secretly hoping to try a taste of your baking! (I know I would’ve!) 16 recipes already? That’s amazing; good for you!!

  7. did you see this article?

    School might start going meatless monday. YAY


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