Chicken Enchiladas with Poblano Sauce 2

Chicken Enchiladas with Poblano Sauce + Weekly Menu

Mr. Prevention has always appreciate the four seasons the Midwest enjoys each year. On Valentine’s Day, we hadn’t made any solid plans because I wasn’t quite sure what his jet-lag status would be after his return from China, but around 9pm, we decided to go out to dinner. Somewhat jokingly, I suggested one of the…

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Black Bean Soup with Roasted Poblano Chiles 2

Black Bean Soup with Roasted Poblano Chilies

Sometimes it’s hard to believe Mr. Prevention and I have been living in Michigan for a year and a half already. Fortunately, we’ve enjoyed 2 full summers. Unfortunately, we’re barely surviving our second winter. Also unfortunate is the fact that this winter is supposedly a “typical” Michigan winter. But, I’m not so sure. I mean,…

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15-Minute Wonton Soup + Weekly Menu

I have very mixed feelings about surprises. The surprise of what Mr. Prevention or my sister-in-law will give as gifts, I love. They’re both great gift-givers and I always like being on the receiving end because lord knows, they’re both impossible to shop for. Truly. Impossible. Mr. Prevention has resorted to emailing me links and…

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Balsamic Pot Roast in the Crock Pot

I’ve declared this month NO DONUT DECEMBER — even baked donuts! Leading up to the holidays, junk food, sweets, treats, parties, and get-togethers galore swamp people’s schedules. And with my recent IT band *issue*, I know I can’t undo too much damage by way of exercise. At least for now. Saturday night is my work…

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