Balsamic Pot Roast in the Crock Pot

I’ve declared this month NO DONUT DECEMBER — even baked donuts! Leading up to the holidays, junk food, sweets, treats, parties, and get-togethers galore swamp people’s schedules. And with my recent IT band *issue*, I know I can’t undo too much damage by way of exercise. At least for now. Saturday night is my work…

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Crock Pot Meyer Lemon Chicken + Weekly Menu

My mom BEGGED me to go to step class yesterday with her. Friday night, however, I informed her that “I am on ‘vacation’ and I’d be happy to go with…if I happened to be awake. However, I’m not setting my alarm to get up for a morning workout. Sorry.” She pouted a moment. I held…

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Shrimp Tacos with Jalapeno Ranch Sauce + Weekly Menu

My body is so confused. Yesterday was October 5th and in Michigan, the temperatures reached 80 degrees. EIGHTY! It was hot and muggy and my allergies have been TERRIBLE. As in, I’ve been miserable. Want-to-rip-my-nose-off-and-scratch-out-my-eyes miserable. And hopped up on allergy meds that make me foggy, groggy, and lazy. Yet, I worked out 6 days…

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Pumpkin Alfredo

There’s this patient-slash-customer at the hospital that tells “everyone he meets” that our cafeteria is “the best restaurants in town”. His words, verbatim. Promise. This is…incredibly flattering. The man is in the cafe getting lunch most days of the week and it seems I bump into him every time I turn around the hospital campus….

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