Tortellini Chili

Tortellini Chili 2

Has anyone else seen that Facebook photo/joke that shows a snowy yard with snow-covered trees and the caption says something about not dyeing the Easter eggs and just saying “good luck!” to the kids? I laughed, like, really hard at that one. The talk around the Great Lakes is that our long-awaited beach time during… Read more →

Chili Mac + Weekly Menu

Chili Mac 1

My in-laws came in for a bit of the weekend and I was excited to see them. Yes, I’m fortunate…I actually like my in-laws. Quite a lot, actually. They also brought their very youthful dog, Harry, who was quite the handful for our lazy Lily dog. My father-in-law has turned into an avid beer connoisseur,… Read more →

Hoisin Pork with Rice Noodles

Hoisin Pork with Rice Noodles 1

I’m a Groupon novice because littletown Michigan doesn’t offer any cool local Groupons. But around the holidays, we gifted both of our families with family portraits. It had been…never…since we had family photos taken. It has been since Mr. P and I got hitched nearly 5 years ago, in fact. It was a great gift… Read more →

BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Quesadilla


I find it particularly interesting to learn about kids’ eating habits. The great lengths some parents go to…just to put a wholesome meal on the table…that their kids will actually eat. There are cookbooks devoted to disguising vegetables in “kid food” (I hate that term). I mean, this is big stuff. Listening to parents’ woes… Read more →

Bananas Foster Breakfast Strata


I’m debating as to whether or not I want a Kindle for Christmas. I seriously can’t decide. Any thoughts on this, dear readers? See, I love reading…but I like to read last thing at night after crawling into bed. However, Mr. Prevention is a professional sleeper and he’s always in bed before me and always… Read more →

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