Spicy Thai Shrimp Bowls + Weekly Menu


Trying new restaurants and dishes is one of the few things Mr. Prevention and I have in common. It’s a good thing since we don’t have a ton in common… I’m emotional and often irrational, he is level-headed and even-keeled at all times. I’m an avid hockey lover/hockey player, completely enamored with the sport, and… Read more →

The Best BBQ Chicken Salad + Weekly Menu


Running a hospital kitchen and cafeteria comes with…frustrations. When I started my job, the interim director was searching the internet for nutrition information that perhaps closely, but not all that accurately, reflected what was being served on the menu to display in the cafeteria. I’m all for posting nutrition information, but it is a serious… Read more →

Greek Stuffed Peppers


It’s hard to believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Even with it being so late in the month this year, it still doesn’t quite feel like it’s here. I guess it’s official — the holidays are here. But this is not the time of year to throw everything healthy out the window. Not in the slightest. When… Read more →

Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches


I’d venture to guess that at least twice in any given month, I leave the house in such a hurry I convince myself rather quickly that I forgot to do something. Did I turn off the coffee pot? What about my hair straightener? Did I forget my work laptop? Did I close the garage? Being… Read more →

Mushroom & Bacon Barley Casserole


Years ago, as I was complaining about Mr. Prevention not helping with dishes, we decided to divvy up household chores…permanently. Somewhat as a joke, and somewhat seriously. Some of my chores included laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes, and morning “dog duty”. Mr. Prevention’s chores included lawn mowing, taking out the trash, cleaning the first floor… Read more →

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