Korean-Style Beef Tacos


When I was grocery shopping on Sunday, I circled several items on my list that I preferred to pick up at local farm stands. There’s a great stand right by my work and I had every intention of stopping before heading home yesterday. However, I guess I was in a hurry to get home because… Read more →

Fajita Chicken and Vegetable Quesadillas


It finally feels like summer. I went to the beach last weekend. Lily, too. I even got in the water…about up to my waist. In another few short weeks, the water will be amazing. I would call to Lily from the shore and she would paddle out, and make a U-turn heading straight back to… Read more →

Southwest Chicken Salad with Avocado Buttermilk Dressing


Yesterday, Debbie came into work with the best gift a boss could ask for — a HUGE bag full of fresh, hand-picked Michigan asparagus. I was beyond excited (I LOVE asparagus) and it’s the first time I’ve ever had truly fresh asparagus…much less local. I ate it raw for breakfast that morning. Yes, it was… Read more →

Maple Glazed Salmon with Tomato-Dill Couscous


When did yesterday get weird? Hmm. During my morning cup of coffee, I decided to get on Twitter and thank my Illini basketball players for a fabulous season. Unfortunately, they were knocked out of the NCAA tournament after a very questionable call with just over 90 seconds left in the game. The guys were so… Read more →

Sesame-Orange Shrimp + Weekly Menu


My boss’s birthday was yesterday and on Friday evening, there was a birthday shindig at his house. Knowing how neurotic he is about tidiness and “everything has its place” mentality, I think most people were beyond curious to see what his house was like. I’ll say this much: his suits are hung 2 inches apart… Read more →

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