Garlic & Kale Soup

Mr. Prevention: Are you ever going to use all that kale you’re growing? Me: Yes. Mr. Prevention: When? How? Me: Today. Garlic and Kale Soup. Mr. Prevention: Silence. Garlic and Kale Soup slightly adapted from Food Fitness Fresh Air Note:  Wheat berries need to be soaked overnight prior to making the following recipe.  If soaked…

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Q&A & Vitalicious Winner!

Marla of Family Fresh Cooking: How in the world do you figure out calorie counts in recipes?  (I know that is a huge part of being an RD!) Prevention RD: I either add up the totals for the ingredients in the recipe by looking at the label for calories, sodium, fiber, etc. or what I…

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I Am What I Cook Entry

The other day I was perusing the blogs I follow and was completely fascinating with a challenge Sophia of Burp and Slurp posed to her readers. Below is an excerpt from her post: Question of the day: What does your name mean? Do you define your name? How do you define yourself right now? And…

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