Money Matters: Spanish Potato and Spinach Tortilla with Red Pepper Sauce

I had a lot of trouble sleeping Wednesday night….I was nervous to speak about my blog to a group of dietitians yesterday. I was glad to hear the group would only be about 20…but I was still incredibly nervous. Nicole, you used to lecture to college students for hours on end, multiple times a week…you…

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Peach Lemonade

Yesterday my alarm was set to go off at 6:15 — I had decided to “sleep in”. Of course, I was up at 5:40 and read emails until 6am in bed. I’m an early morning riser, but a new routine and new job have my brain racing 5,000 miles a minute and sleep hasn’t been…

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My house is starting to feel like a home. Mr. Prevention worked all day yesterday and I managed to unpack 60-70% of the boxes on my own. Here’s some shots of the…mayhem. Before… During…  Let’s get on with the Q&A…just looking at those pictures is making me exhausted and stressed! Cheryl: While at the health…

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Healthy (Low-Carb) Lasagna

TGIF! Yesterday was…stressful. But the most unfortunate part of yesterday was having to settle for a Subway dinner rather than leftover lasagna. I was 45 minutes away from home at my unit, Lily had been home for 8 hours already, I had to teach, and Mr. Prevention had a meeting. It was clear there would…

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