Peach Pineapple Crumble

The second I saw white peaches in stores, I bought 3 pounds. I seriously love peaches, especially white peaches. It just so happened that the first peach appearance of the summer happened to fall during a 10 for $10 pineapple special at Kroger. Needless to say, I had a ton of peaches and a ton…

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Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam

Who’s the most influential man when it comes to nutrition? A household name. Someone with their own afternoon TV show. And books…galore. Does Dr. Oz come to mind? I always enjoy talking to supermarket dietitian and personal friend, Gina, about the inquiries she receives at the store. She can almost pin-point based on a customer’s…

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Spicy Kale-Stuffed Shells

I talked to a lot of people on the phone yesterday. Somehow, there was time between cleaning every square inch of every room as the movers were loading all the boxes. Who knew you could get a blister from vacuuming? Reason #42,518 I HATE CLEANING. People who like cleaning…I bet you like  going to the…

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Penne in Roasted Beet Sauce

Mark’s (I mean…Mr. P’s!) family has a lot of great food traditions. His aunt married an Italian and thus, their holidays revolve around homemade raviolis in a rich chicken broth. They are heavenly. Mr. Prevention can down 3 bowls of ravioli before even moving on to the turkey and sides. I would say this is…

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