Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce 4

Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce

 The day before we left for Mexico, several plants arrived in the mail that Mr. Prevention had ordered. The website said that they would ship the plants when the weather was appropriate for planting in our area (based on our zip code). Needless to say, the temps were in the high 30’s and putting little…

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Healthy Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins 3

Healthy Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins + Weekly Menu

I can’t remember a time I’ve been so incredibly sick that I’ve lost my appetite. Even when I had thrush and could hardly taste food, I still ate. The day after I gave myself food poisoning (totally my fault…expiration dates are more than a suggestion, it ends up), I was back to my regularly scheduled…

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Coconut-Almond Bars 3

Recipe Repeat: Coconut-Almond Bars {Kind Bar Copycat}

I’m depressed. We’re leaving 88 degree Cabo San Lucas for 30’s and grey in the Midwest. It has been 5 days of REAL fruit strawberry smoothies, guacamole poolside (truly, is there anything better than that?), a bit of vitamin D, and kicking my own butt on the treadmill since my conversion from miles to kilometers…

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Cashew Chicken and Pasta Salad 2

Cashew Chicken and Pasta Salad

Do you get into April Fools? Work was sending around some emails about having the directors color coordinate as a joke for the CEO during a meeting tomorrow…we were also all going to report “risk” in our departments to really try to cause her blood pressure to rise. Evil coworkers. See, as someone who is…

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Tortellini Chili 2

Tortellini Chili

Has anyone else seen that Facebook photo/joke that shows a snowy yard with snow-covered trees and the caption says something about not dyeing the Easter eggs and just saying “good luck!” to the kids? I laughed, like, really hard at that one. The talk around the Great Lakes is that our long-awaited beach time during…

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