Stephanie’s Chicken Salad + Weekly Menu

Ever since our hike in Seattle (you know, the one that had me WADDLING for days), I’ve been all into “nature”. I’m from Chicago — nature and I are just now getting acquainted in life…you know, after I moved AWAY from Chicago. My concept of “camping” was childhood birthday parties with tents set up in…

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Money Matters: Parmesan Tilapia

My mom recently got a bike. They live in the city and my only memory of her on a bike was the time she ran into a parked car, many, many years ago. The car sustained no injuries. Her ego, however, didn’t fair quite as well. Its probably taken her nearly 20 years to decide…

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BBQ Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla {crock pot}

Limited food reserves leads one to very limited decisions on what’s to eat. Our friend, Liz, emailed us when we began embarking on this moving adventure. Her exact advice: take your crock pot with you. This was great advice, especially since our grill was out of propane for at least 2 weeks prior to our…

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Honey Cashew Chicken with Rice + Weekly Menu

My sister-in-law texted me last night a picture of the Dungeness Crab Sandwich at Beecher’s restaurant in Seattle. You know, the sandwich that I wanted most to try, of all foods in Seattle, and they. were. out. I laughed. Then I felt a little sad. I mean, our dinner was Papa Johns. Our table? A…

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