Hoisin-Glazed Barbecue Pork

Today is a high of 72 degrees. I willed summer back this way and decided that it was only appropriate to share this year’s first grilling masterpiece. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m not teaching this quarter at night and that is by design. I opted out of teaching a second class this spring so that…

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Meatless Monday: Tempeh and Broccolini Stir-Fry

Before you run off in fear, let me assure you that I am new to tempeh, too. Tempeh (pronounced “temp-eh”) is a soy-based vegetarian protein that is packed with calcium and fiber. And because temeph uses the whole soy bean, there is more protein, fiber, and vitamins & minerals in tempeh as compared to tofu….

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Chicken and White BBQ Potatoes

I went to college at the University of Illinois (AKA the best school ever – Go Illini!) which had tens out thousands of undergraduate students. To try and please the palates of all, each dorm would host various themed meal nights. Needless to say, I was assigned a room in the one and only all…

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Foil Baked Basil Pesto Salmon

It’s no surprise I’m a foodie, but…don’t judge me, please? I already have my menu planned for next week. Maybe it’s because of the spring weather and lighter fare are heading “in”, or because I’ve crossed paths with a few new blogs lately. Or maybe it’s because next week will be the first week in…

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