Zucchini, Carrot, and Apple Bread with Pecans and Chocolate Chips + Weekly Menu


Donna’s visit was amazing. No work on Friday and I got to spend the day biking a stunning trail until my tush could handle my bike seat no longer. While that was only 20 miles at a fairly pokey pace, it was a workout. We even followed it up with a 2 hour walk in… 

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Scalloped Tomatoes


College football has started. (My chili contest has started – recipe #1 coming soon!) Pumpkin ale is stocked in the fridge. The doors and windows are open, welcoming the cool breeze and perfect sleeping weather. The kids are officially back in school (…and I find myself leaving the house a few minutes later as to… 

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“Fried” Green Tomato BLT’s + Weekly Menu


I used to look at green tomatoes and think, “What a waste of a tomato.” Now, I look at green tomatoes and think, “How can I fry that baby without the guilt?” So, here we are with this recipe. Guilt-free “fried” green tomatoes…in BLT form. The classic BLT is right up there with club sandwiches… 

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Meatless Monday: Artichoke and Egg Salad Sandwiches


You may have seen my Facebook update, but this weekend I took advantage of the less-than-stellar July weather (in the 40’s at night, seriously!?). I spent much of the weekend in the kitchen making serious strides on cookbook #2. With less than 2 weeks (!) until cookbook #1 is released, it’s important to keep trucking… 

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