4th Annual Chili Contest: Entry #9 – Harvest Festival Chili

Is there anything better suited for the day after Christmas than your most favorite pair of sweatpants? I agree. Comfy sweatpants are an absolute post-holiday must-have. With just a few days before the quickly approaching 2014 and all of the resolutions that come with that first day, first few weeks, and perhaps even the first…

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Healthier Zucchini Bread

I didn’t get out of bed until 10am this morning. That is unprecedented. Mr. Prevention’s parents are in town and he got up early, so I basked in the glory of being off Lily morning duty and having the bed to myself Glorious! I stumble down to the kitchen for my morning iced coffee and…

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Spicy Kale-Stuffed Shells

I talked to a lot of people on the phone yesterday. Somehow, there was time between cleaning every square inch of every room as the movers were loading all the boxes. Who knew you could get a blister from vacuuming? Reason #42,518 I HATE CLEANING. People who like cleaning…I bet you like  going to the…

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Mediterranean Salmon Salad + Weekly Menu

Yesterday was the first Saturday I have thoroughly enjoyed in…too long. I slept in until…almost 8am. Lily and I played soccer in the backyard. Mr. Prevention and I had breakfast and coffee and ventured out to run errands and grocery shop together. I nearly escaped with nothing added to my cart that wasn’t on the…

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