Easy Southwest Turkey Burgers w/ Avocado-Ranch Dressing + Weekly Menu


Confession: If I have a choice between a beef burger and a turkey burger, I’ve always chosen the beef. However, this is because I once had a turkey burger SO DRY and TASTELESS, it nearly scarred me for life. Yet, when I saw Estella’s turkey burgers with the green chilies, cumin, and chili powder…I talked… Read more →

Asian Cabbage Slaw


Top of the mornin’ to ya! Blogging from Chicago – I’m here safe and sound, though the traffic nearly killed me! Note to self: the Dan Ryan at 6pm is a very poor life choice. Don’t make it again… After the overwhelming love, support, and drool for yesterday’s post on The Ultimate Sriracha Burger, it’s… Read more →

Winners!! And…loser (me!)


Happy weekend!!! Thanks for helping me celebrate my blogiversary in true fashion! Of course, the doughnut pans were a huge hit! Sorry there weren’t more to go around! Congrats to Becky, Dana, Rebecca, JW, Heather H-F, Matt, Christine, Becca B, Erin, Samantha, Melanie, and Andrea!! I have sent emails to all the winners. Thanks again… Read more →

Garden Update!


Good morning! Man, I wish every day were my blogiversary…you all gave me warm fuzzies yesterday…all day! Thank you! Best…readers…ever! Muah! And if you weren’t around yesterday, you have until tomorrow at 10pm EST to enter to win one of 4 Stevia packages, one of 3 doughnut pans, one of 4 Larabar winners, or a… Read more →

Coriander Tofu Tostadas with Refried Beans and Fennel + Weekly Menu


If you don’t like tofu, I can almost gurantee that it’s because you’re not cooking it right. Tofu is all about the high temperature bake to get a crusty exterior. Not only is tofu relatively cheap, but it keeps good forever and absorbs the flavors it’s cooked with. First things first, I always recommend purchasing… Read more →

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