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May I have that to go?

No, not my food. My soft drink. “May I please take my soft drink to go?” ::blink:: Congratulations, on a new means of complete and utter gluttony, Oklahoma.

Oklahomans know how to do one thing right: eat and drink. I’ve never heard of beverage “to-go” cups before moving here…and it pains me to great lengths that

my husband is a to-go cup convert. Sigh.

Mark and I were out to lunch yesterday at a local Mexican restaurant and at the end of our meal… asked the waiter for a “to-go” cup for his (diet) Coke. “Sure, no problem!” said the waiter, as he ran off for the Styrofoam cup, plastic lid, and new straw to-go (at no cost to the customer). I was in shock. That’s

my husband that just asked that? Disbelief! Disappointment, even. Sure, I understand the convenience factor, but I see a few issues with the whole ordeal.

Firstly, cost (and waste). It’s more common than not that restaurant servers here will ask the customer, “Would you like a to-go cup?”. As an establishment in search of a

profit, this is a huge financial mistake. Whatever, their loss, right? Second, I’d imagine that here in Oklahoma, most restaurant patrons are taking one of two beverages to-go: Coke or sweet tea. Roll your eyes at that stereotypical comment all you want, but I can nearly guarantee that as a fact. Thus, patrons are taking home or for the road, an additional 150-350 calories…after consuming a meal and however many other servings of liquid cavities while dining-in. Clearly unnecessary, to say the least. Lastly, this whole to-go cup offer is not only at the local Mexican restaurant, but at the chains like Chili’s and Olive Garden. Chain restaurants condone this? It seems so…tacky to me! I surely wouldn’t go into a 4-star restaurant and ask for my water to-go, know what I mean? Again, I’m at a loss as to the logic here, Chili’s. Get it together, I thought you were classier than that!

When my groom asked for that cup, I about crawled under the table in embarrassment…after shooting him a quick death stare. Oklahomans ought to learn: there’s a reason they’re the 5th fattest state in the US. Liquid calories to-go have no place in the diet…especially during a sedentary drive to their next destination. And this could be yet another reason Oklahoma is ranked #50 in terms of fruit and vegetable consumption, as well. You know what they say…high-fructose corn syrup is nearly crack.

Man, there’s work to be done in the OK! Sign me up for the challenge!

Disclaimer: While other regions may be guilty, I can only

judge based on what I know of Oklahoma.

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