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I have blog stalkers! Yay!

I got a first MyDailyQuestion (which was a comment, really) from a rando and that makes me SO happy! I’ll continue to bring on the wit and aim to inform, humor, and entertain anyone and everyone willing to read. Do me a favor, if you would, and click “Follow Blog” at the top left if you are, in fact, reading my blog. Pretty pretty please?

So my IRL (in real life) friends know that I just started a new job. It’s a government job as a clinical dietitian in a few rural clinics here in Oklahoma. So far, so good…I’m REALLY enjoying it. I have an office…4 walls, a door, and a computer all for me. RD’s reading: you know how rare such a thing is in our profession…I’m soaking it up. I’m consulting with mostly diabetics… with a sprinkle of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and weight loss thrown in there. While I love diabetes and find the disease process fascinating…there’s so much to know. And so much to teach.

I had patients just yesterday tell me a few things that left me wanting to pummel my head into the concrete wall bordering my co-worker’s office. Let me recall some here..

– peaches that come in “light syrup” are in their natural juices – WRONG!
– blending butter with peanut butter makes it healthier – WRONG!
– “You can’t make a pie crust without lard…the protein flavor can’t be replaced” – Just plain nasty
– “Four hot dogs, minus the buns, is the best night-time snack to keep my morning sugars low” – People do this?
– Me: “Did you have a night-time snack?”; “Client: No, just a Sonic ice cream cone.” – Oh dear.
– Client: “I can’t eat crackers, those make my sugars go sky high”; Me: “How many are you eating before bed?”; Client: “One sleeve.” – ….uh huh…I’ll bet crackers do make your sugars go sky high when you eat 6 servings
– “I don’t drink my calories, only Dr. Pepper and only like three cans a day.” – dropped jaw with a drooling stare of unamusement

And my last client of the day was so motivated, she was going straight to Walmart for flaxseed supplements. There is hope, even in Oklahoma…let the laydown of the law begin.

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