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2010 has big shoes to fill!

I am amazed by the responses from my last post. You are all so abundantly sweet and in-tune with the importance of health over numbers. I appreciate the support of me being not only a dietitian, but an imperfect person who struggles with weight, as well. Of all posts and responses, my last is most memorable. THANK YOU!

I have to say that 2009 was such a joyous, blessed year for me, and that while I have high hopes for 2010, the new year has some mongo shoes to fill. Recap of 2009…

  • graduated grad school!
  • wrote and published a thesis!
  • passed the RD exam!
  • got my first job as an RD, which I love!
  • got married and had a fairytale wedding!
  • honeymooned in beautiful Puerto Vallarta!
  • bought our first home!
  • moved from Chicago to Tulsa safely and without haphazard!
  • my husband and I are together on the same continent — no more Italy-to-Chicago love!
  • earned 280 hours towards my CDE credential!
  • we had our first baby — Lily the bulldog!
  • became the owner of a treadmill!
  • I started a blog which has quickly gained readers!

Whew! I think I got it all. It’s been a busy, wonderful year! What I have NOT done this year is continued to put a heavy emphasis on myself, which is my “resolution” for 2010. In 2010 I want to…

  • fit in exercise AT LEAST 4 days a week, every week
  • continue trying new, healthy recipes (one recipe a week!)
  • run a half marathon
  • obtain a weight that I feel energized at
  • continue blogging about nutrition
  • earn 500 hours towards the CDE credential

I was feeling adamantly against putting my 2010 resolutions for the world to see, but what could BE better accountability!? New years resolutions are not made only to be broken this year!

This evening, our NYE plans consist of PJ’s and making some fun appetizers! I haven’t been cooking at all as we’ve been traveling for nearly the past 2 weeks! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to trying some new appetizer recipes and enjoying a bottle of champagne with hubby!

For those procrastinators, or those new to Prevention RD, your recipe submissions to the Prevention Cookbook MUST be received by midnight tonight! Those who participate with receive an electronic copy of the cookbook, as well as a chance to win a cookbook (authored by a dietitian and blogger!) and a mega prize giveaway! All recipe entries should be sent to [email protected]. Go here for more details!

I leave you with a Lily video. This is she and her “dog uncle”, Jake.


And Sarah is having a cookbook giveaway on her blog! Check it out!

Question: What was your biggest accomplishment in 2009? Do you have any big blog plans for 2010?

Happy 2010, everyone! Be safe!

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  1. December 31, 2009 / 9:25 am

    WOW! You had an awesome 2009!! Happy New Years!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • December 31, 2009 / 9:41 am

      Great Goals for 2010!

      I can’t wait to see the cookbook.

      Your NYE sounds like mine. Now if I can get motivated to get to the grocery store and get supplies for the appetizers.

  2. December 31, 2009 / 9:56 am

    happy 2010, hope it will be even better than 2009

  3. December 31, 2009 / 10:07 am

    Looks like 2009 was a full year for you!! Great goals for 2010, Nicole! Looking forward to more of your blog in the year to come!

  4. December 31, 2009 / 10:20 am

    I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t know you were in grad school!!! Seriously, did I? Maybe I did at one point, but then I forgot. Wow, this was a busy year for you. I also wrote a thesis and passed by defense, but I’d been an RD for a couple years, and I am not yet married (ummm…Nick needs to get on the ball here!).

    I would love to get my CDE. I hope you follow through with this goal, as I’d like to know how it goes. Also the marathon goal, good for you on that one! Maybe a few years down the road I will do that, but not now, my feet won’t allow it ๐Ÿ™

    Happy New year Nicole!

  5. eaternotarunner
    December 31, 2009 / 10:45 am

    Wow what a crazy busy year! Congrats on everything, I’m sure 2010 will be another great one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. December 31, 2009 / 11:26 am

    WOW Girl youve had an AWESOME year!! so much to be thankful for!

  7. December 31, 2009 / 11:46 am

    Wow, your 2009 sounds like a dream! Super happy for you, you’ve accomplished a lot! May all of your goals be fulfilled next year, happy new years!

  8. December 31, 2009 / 12:11 pm

    What an amazing year you have had! And I like your resolutions too. I’m glad you dropped by my blog so I could find you! I’ll be reading in 2010 for sure!

  9. December 31, 2009 / 12:22 pm

    WOW 2009 was great for you…I am sure 2010 will be just as good!

    I want your dog! lol

  10. December 31, 2009 / 12:58 pm

    Sounds like you had a super busy year. You will make a fab RD since that sounds like the busy schedule of my self and other great dietitians out there. We have drive and dedication! My biggest accomplishment for 2009 was being selected as the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year (RYDY) for the state of Nevada in 2009. I was able to travel to Reno to the state meeting to acceot my award before I had to step down as president elect of the Southern Nevada Dietetic Association in order to move overseas. So the win was bittersweet for me. I worked so hard and I am so honored that those in my state recognized my contributions to our profession. Ah, I miss clinical!!! Congrats on your hours so far for CDE and good luck on rack ’em up in 2010. I wish you the best!!! Happy New Year!!!

  11. December 31, 2009 / 2:05 pm

    wow impressive year Nicole your a star have a fun new years


  12. December 31, 2009 / 3:35 pm

    You have had such an awesome year!! Thanks for sharing so much with us. I can’t believe submission deadline for recipes is tonight!!! Gotta get you something asap. Just realized we both launched our blogs in June. It is a great, fun job being a healthy, foodie blogger.
    Happy New Year……sounds like you are off to a wonderful start with a great list of goals.

  13. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce
    December 31, 2009 / 5:29 pm

    wooohooo! i think it’s so cool that you’re an RD, it’s actually something i’m considering pursuing! great goals for the upcoming year, can’t wait to read posts about all your adventures!

  14. December 31, 2009 / 8:11 pm

    2009 a busy year for you! My biggest accomplishment was buying our first home and fixing it up. I am really proud of what we’ve done this year. I am also proud of becoming a runner this year. I never saw myself as a runner before this year.

  15. December 31, 2009 / 9:46 pm

    That is so great that you have already so many towards your CDE!
    I hope you have a wonderful New Years. I have really enjoyed reading your blog!

  16. January 1, 2010 / 6:45 am

    I also finished grad school in 2009 and feel great about that! Ooooh I just got your email and I’m SOOOOO excited!!!!

  17. January 1, 2010 / 7:46 am

    OOH! I forgot to send in my recipes. I’m such a loser sometimes!

    Oh well – that can be my goal for 2010! To write these things down.

    I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and 2010 will be more fabulous than ever!

  18. January 1, 2010 / 9:17 am

    Sounds like 2009 was a great year! I like your 2010 goals!

    Happy 2010!

  19. January 1, 2010 / 9:25 am

    Wow… what a year!
    Hope you have a wonderful 2010!

  20. January 1, 2010 / 10:43 am

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    Yours sounds great too AND I already feel like we have a lot in common! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2009 seemed like an AMAZING year for you lucky girl!!

    Anyways, I look forward to reading more (already one of the blogs I like!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe…

    Take care and happy new year!

  21. January 2, 2010 / 2:46 pm

    WOW – you accomplished SO much in ’09!! Which means ’10 is going to be just as good, if not better. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you had a great NYE!

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