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A thumbs up kinda day!

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The treadmill has arrived! It took 2 guys, 2 hours, and a lot of patience…but it is together, operating, and ready for miles or fun. I was up at 5:30 this morning and got in 1 mile before needing to start my day. Any other morning when puppy isn’t going to camp, I’ll have plenty of time for at least 3, if not 4 or 5 miles. Needless to say, I have a steamy date (#2 for the day!) with Mr. T after work. I’m excited! Here’s what the hottie tottie looks like…
After my brief (but good!) run this morning, I was craving something cold and nutritious. So what better than a fresh fruit smoothie!? I threw in: frozen pears, peaches, bananas, pineapple, papaya, mango, kiwi, strawberries, and apple along with V8 Fusion Light (got some veggies in there, technically!), 100% apple cider, and fat-free milk. 

Blend and enjoy! My morning creation even got my stubborn husband eating breakfast.
I am just beginning the book Food, Inc. So far, so wonderful! I feel like I am learning a lot (more to come, I assure you!). An interesting article caught my eye in the 
ADA Daily News – Organic vs. Non-Organic.
Did you know that in order for an organic food manufacturer to receive USDA certified organic recognition, the farmer must sell more than $5,000 a year in organic foods? Otherwise, they are exempt from obtaining USDA organic certification.
Organic Facts:
         While evidence is not conclusive, there appears to be no added nutritional benefit found in organic fruits and vegetables when compared to their non-organic counterparts.
         Due to organic produce availability, organic foods may be sitting longer before getting shipped, or may be shipped for long periods of time. Organic produce may also sit longer before being sold due to the inflated cost associated with organic foods.
         Most experts agree that the amount of pesticides found on non-organic fruits and vegetables poses very little health risk.
         Organic farming aims to protect the environment in ways that conventional farming does not.
         Organic produce costs more due to the more expensive farming practices, tighter government regulations, and lower crop yields. Organic farming practices include more labor-intensive methods of controlling weeds and pests, as well as more expensive herbicides or pesticides.
         Seeking out local farmers can help guide you to organic produce and support of sustainable farming practices and your local communities
         Nearly everyone could improve their health by eating more fruits and vegetables, organic or not.
On a lighter note…today was my holiday cookie taste testing at work. Surprise, surprise…more people than ever signed up to taste – 16, in fact! Considering there’s only 35 in the office, that’s a huge success!

Here’s the set-up! Notice the “Taste Testers Only” sign. Lots of employees get into the goodies on taste test days. I know free food is great, but I’m holding strong to my $1 request from participants. Money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know!? And until RD’s getting a major pay raise, I’ll be needing those dollars!
 (I wanted to know their favorite cookie!)

Biggest Loser Finale
I avoided Blogland last night as I didn’t get to finish the last 20 minutes of BL til this morning. While I am happy Danny won (yay Oklahoma!), I am slightly perturbed at a 239-pound (239, right?) weight-loss in SEVEN MONTHS. I don’t know, that’s just completely…not right. From the bottom of my heart, I hope the contestants have instilled healthful eating and exercise habits that will last them a lifetime.
Did anyone else think Allison Sweeny looked healthy and…stunning?

Question: What’s your absolutely favorite kind of cookie?
P.S. Check out Steph Chow’s Cookie Exchange! I’m in!
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