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Back at it!

Nicole has her grooove back! 😉

What a relaxing, wonderful weekend! Mr. Prevention and I spent the long, holiday weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska visiting his side of the family. We got to visit, eat, sleep, read, walk, and run…a perfect weekend in my book! We stayed with Mark’s aunt (thanks again for everything!) and she was quite the hostess with the mostess. She lives near to a walking path that we were able to utilize over the weekend. I did a combination of walking & talking with the gang and running on my own. Saturday ended up being 4.3 miles (3 miles of running) and Sunday was 5.05 miles (3 miles of running) according to my Garmin.

I loved the change of pace, flexibility to get my workout in during the morning hours, and the new scenery and company 🙂 I guess you could say I’m feeling up to my 101 Days of Summer Challenge to run AT LEAST 1 mile 70 out of the next 101 days. Last night started the challenge off with a 2 mile run + 1 mile walk. I’m also participating in Heather’s 100 Push-Up Challenge. I did 5 sets: 10-12-7-7-13. I hope to see these numbers climb through the challenge!

It’s going to be a busy summer!

In addition to burning off some calories over the weekend, I came back craving healthy, homemade meals. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been in the kitchen!! I paged through and ripped out most of the recipes in June’s issue of Cooking Light somewhere between Topeka, Kansas and Nowata, Oklahoma. I’ve got some exciting stuff on the menu this week, starting with last night’s supper: Grilled Salmon with Chorizo and Fingerlings.

Grilled Salmon with Chorizo and Fingerlings by Cooking Light June 2010

Cooking spray
1/4 cup minced shallots
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 1/2 cups fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth, divided
3/4 pound fingerling potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
2 ounces Spanish chorizo sausage, diced
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt, divided
2 1/2 cups baby spinach leaves
1 teaspoon Spanish smoked paprika
4 (6-ounce) salmon fillets
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil


Prepare grill to medium-high heat.

Heat a medium nonstick skillet over medium heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add shallots and garlic to pan; cook 1 minute, stirring frequently. Add 1/4 cup chicken broth. Cover, reduce heat, and cook 3 minutes or until shallots are tender. Stir in remaining 1 1/4 cups broth, potatoes, and chorizo; bring to a simmer. Simmer 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender; stir in 1/4 teaspoon salt. Add spinach to pan; cover. Remove from heat; stir to combine. Keep warm.

Sprinkle remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt and paprika evenly over fillets. Lightly coat fillets with cooking spray; arrange fillets in a single layer, skin side up, on grill rack. Grill 2 minutes. Rotate fillets a quarter turn on the same side; grill 3 minutes or until well marked. Turn fillets over; grill 5 minutes or until desired degree of doneness.

Place 1 fillet in each of 4 shallow bowls; ladle 3/4 cup potato mixture over fish. Drizzle 3/4 teaspoon oil over each serving. Yield: 4 servings.

Nutritional Information (per serving): 462 calories; 25.5 g. fat (5.5 g. saturated, 10.8 g. monounsaturated, 7.7 g. polyunsaturated); 39.9 g. protein; 17.7 g. carbohydrate; 3 g. fiber; 100 mg. cholesterol; 543 mg. sodium

Result: Wowza! This gets 5 starts in my book! Mr. Prevention’s, too! The spinach was so flavorful and the dish was rich with the flavor of paprika and chorizo. I especially loved the 5-minute prep and 20-minute cook time. Oh, and only one pan used…easy clean up! If you love salmon, this is a must-make recipe!

Speaking of paprika

I am hosting this week’s Blogger Secret Ingredient Challenge. If you didn’t check-in yesterday, be sure to get all the details here. Basically, make a recipe that includes paprika and submit it to me by Sunday, June 6th for a chance to win a fun prize!!

Question: Did you eat anything “special” for Memorial Day? Any grilling going on?

Have a great (short!) week! I have to work this Friday because we had off yesterday, BUT I only work 8-5 this week! It’ll be nice to sleep in a bit! 😉 I have lots planned blog-wise this week…keep an eye out!

Be well,

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  1. June 1, 2010 / 6:52 am

    So glad you had a good weekend! Mine was very relaxing and there was even a trip to the beach involved ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. June 1, 2010 / 6:58 am

    I feel the same way. What a necessary restful weekend. I didn’t eat anything Memorial Day-ish, but I did have some great sushi and Japanese on Saturday.

  3. June 1, 2010 / 7:06 am

    This sounds like a perfect meal. I just had salmon last night. Such a good fish!

  4. June 1, 2010 / 7:11 am

    Maybe I’ll do one of those challenges! It’s the first I’ve heard of them. The grilled salmon looks awesome. Glad you got your groove back!

  5. June 1, 2010 / 7:38 am

    I have to agree! This was a much needed restful weekend!!

    That recipe looks incredible!!

  6. June 1, 2010 / 7:52 am

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ Walking/running in a new area is always exciting…

    The salmon dish looks & sounds delicious!

    Have a great week, Nicole!

  7. June 1, 2010 / 8:01 am

    Glad you had such a great weekend, Nicole!! Good runs, and those pushup sets– I’m impressed! I can only do about 2 sets of 10 pushups. Seriously. I’m a wimp. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. June 1, 2010 / 8:16 am

    It’s always a great feeling to come back from a nice weekend away! You seem recharged and ready to take on the world ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, that recipe looks amazing, and lucky for me, I have some salmon in the freezer calling my name!

  9. June 1, 2010 / 8:24 am

    Glad you’re back and feeling good!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your salmon recipe looks gorgeous!!

  10. June 1, 2010 / 8:25 am

    That recipe looks great Nicole! I am going to have to try that! Sounds like you had a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. June 1, 2010 / 8:26 am

    Nice to know you enjoyed your weekend,and grilled salmon looks too delicious , nice recipe too…am sure it was very tasty

  12. June 1, 2010 / 9:12 am

    YAY! I am so glad you got your groove back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. June 1, 2010 / 9:46 am

    It rained a ton here and we had to wait for the guy to fix our bathtub, so we did not do much yesterday. Glad you had a nice time visiting family. I can;t wait to see what great recipes you cook up. The salmon looks great, minus the chorizo.

  14. June 1, 2010 / 9:47 am

    Oh Nicole, your salmon dish looks fabulous…we had lots of grilling, meat, chicken and even salmon ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. June 1, 2010 / 10:11 am

    What a wonderful weekend! The recipe looks amazing!

  16. June 1, 2010 / 10:30 am

    I was in Laguna Beach this weekend so a lot of eating out. We ate some pretty tasty food. One of my favorites was a thai tofu dish with peanut sauce. yum!
    Have a great (short) week Nicole!

  17. June 1, 2010 / 11:18 am

    Sounds like it was a fun weekend! Memorial Weekend would be incomplete without grilling–we threw some chicken and cheddar brats on last night–so good! I sometimes don’t know how I feel about chorizo–my grandma uses it in all kinds of mexican dishes, but I’ve never seen it paired like you have done in this recipe.

  18. June 1, 2010 / 11:21 am

    so glad you had such a great weekend! sounds so relaxing. wow i love this recipe-chorizo and salmon? YUM!

  19. June 1, 2010 / 11:26 am

    It’s so nice when you can be active on vacations. Nice job on the challenge! We went fishing over the weekend and ate our yummy grilled fresh salmon… It was dang good. Your salmon dish sounds so so good too!

  20. June 1, 2010 / 12:12 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! I did get Friday off here, although I had to work a little bit anyway. No fun grilling out or anything – I did break out the steamer from a long stay in the cupboard :). Have a great rest of your week. Your garden was looking awesome by the way – don’t know if I commented on your last pics.

  21. June 1, 2010 / 12:35 pm

    Cheers to getting your groove back.

    I didn’t cook or eat anything special for Memorial Day. What was special was chilling out, reading and getting in extra exercise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. June 1, 2010 / 12:42 pm

    I ended up staying home on memorial day and just baking lol…

  23. June 1, 2010 / 1:18 pm

    Doesn’t it feel great when you feel back at it? There is nothing better!

    I whipped up some really good pasta salad yesterday, a summer must.

  24. June 1, 2010 / 1:20 pm

    Welcome back. We did grill for Memorial day in the 2 minutes of clear weather that we had…

  25. June 1, 2010 / 2:59 pm

    That really does sound like the perfect weekend!

    I’m glad you are getting to work 8-5 this week. You deserve some…well…I can’t say time off since you’re still working, but maybe just some extra time! Glad you’re gettin’ your groove back, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gosh, I had some really delicious homemade strawberry shortcake this weekend that I just can’t stop thinking about….

  26. June 1, 2010 / 7:10 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! This meal is stunning, Nicole! All the flavors in it sound like they blend perfectly. And I love the pretty fingerlings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. June 1, 2010 / 9:26 pm

    Sounds like you had such a great weekend! I love the combination of salmon and chorizo…spicy and mild, together as one ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. June 1, 2010 / 9:43 pm

    If I wasn’t running a HM I’d take a weekend like yours!

    Some day I’ll have to make an exception and try chorizo. Seen it on TV and now here. My problem with sausages is limiting myself to one or two as I love them all so far ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish they made them with a lot less salt than I see around here!

  29. June 2, 2010 / 5:01 pm

    I didn’t eat anything “special” for Memorial Day, but I did get a lot of good meals in this weekend. I can relate to you getting back in the swing of things. After being gone for over 3 weeks it great to finally be back home sleeping in my own bed and cooking in my own kitchen once again!

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