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Baked Crab Rangoon Cups + Weekly Menu


The weekend was a lot of bite-sized items – very common for food conferences with lots of walking, talking, and eating. That is, until brunch this morning at Moonshine in Austin, Texas where the brunch buffet was beyond tempting. Two plates of gluttony lasted me all day long. Sometimes, you’ve got to splurge.

And hey, there was some fruit involved. There was also gravy and cinnamon rolls and perhaps a mimosa, but who’s keeping tabs? Tomorrow is Monday, the weekend of foodie bliss is over, and I can redeem myself from a food coma with a week a healthy eats to undo the damage that I have to assume will show up in the evidence of a pound or two on the scale.


I am leaving with a stack of business cards of blogs that I absolutely must check out. When there will be the time to do so is the much bigger issue. There’s just so many talented foodies in this world, flooding the internet with some of the most stunning food in the world. Yes, the world.

I even had the opportunity to hear a fellow RD and a personal inspiration of mine, Regan Jones, speak at BlogHer Food on the topic of food photography and specifically, healthy food photography. For those that don’t know, Regan is behind this amazing food porn site called Healthy Aperture. You want to bookmark that site. For sure…


Somehow, some way, I even have a menu planned for this week.

My bigger issue? Finding the time to grocery shop for the ingredients. Seeing as I’m sitting on the not-so-comfy-or-cleanly floor of Austin’s airport, delayed several many hours, and work in the morning staring back at me…I’m just not sure how this is all going to play out.

This week may end up like last week when I made these Baked Crab Rangoon Cups, an appetizer, and said, “Dinner is served!” I like to keep things interesting, delicious, and healthy. The rest is up in the air…unlike me.



Baked Crab Rangoon Cups from Adventures of Mini Martha, originally from Hardly Housewives

6 oz reduced fat cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp light mayonnaise
1 tsp low-sodium soy sauce
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp garlic powder
4 oz water chestnuts, chopped
8 oz lump crabmeat
4 green onions, chopped
24 wonton wrappers
Cooking spray


Preheat oven to 375 F.

Place wonton wrappers into muffin pan, pressing lightly with your fingers to lay in the bottom of the pan; spray the tops with cooking spray. Bake 4-5 minutes, or until just starting to brown. Remove from oven.

Meanwhile, combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, soy sauce, lemon juice, and garlic powder in medium bowl. Add water chestnuts, crab, and green onions and gently fold into the cream cheese mixture.

Fill wonton cups with filling and return to oven to bake for 6-8 minutes or until golden and filling is hot.

Yield: 24 wonton cups.

Nutrition Information (per cup): 50 calories; 1.9 g. fat; 18 mg. cholesterol; 133 mg. sodium; 4.8 g. carbohydrate; 0.25 g. fiber; 3.1 g. protein; 0.4 g. sugar

Result: These were delicious! And suuuper easy to make! I wasn’t sure about the water chestnust, but they definitely worked! Next time, I will sprinkle some of the greens of the green onions on top for some color 😉 Enjoy!


Weekly Menu: June 10th – June 13th

 HOPE to see you in Michigan!

Be well,


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  1. Kristin @ Dizzy Busy and Hungry!
    June 9, 2013 / 9:02 pm

    These look great! Glad you had a good and productive trip!

  2. Christy
    June 9, 2013 / 10:07 pm

    Glad you liked them!

  3. Stacey
    June 10, 2013 / 1:51 am

    The food at Moonshine is heaven on a plate. A good use of calories I’d say. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Austin!

  4. Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life
    June 10, 2013 / 9:54 am

    Glad you had a great trip!

  5. Mallory @ Total Noms
    June 10, 2013 / 1:47 pm

    These look awesome! It was so great to meet you this weekend. I love the redesign, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry to hear about your delays at AUS- hopefully you were able to get home okay.

    • Nicole, RD
      June 10, 2013 / 2:08 pm

      Mallory, hi! It was SO good meeting you this weekend! I can’t wait to follow your blog & hope to see you again soon!

  6. dixya| food, pleasure, and health
    June 10, 2013 / 5:38 pm

    these are telling me – bake me, eat me. i love your baked version ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Monday

  7. Amy
    June 11, 2013 / 6:27 pm

    I love little bite-sized things! They’re perfect for an indecisive girl like me. I can make an entire meal out of appetizers — a little of this, a taste of that… It means I can try everything without feeling guilty that I “ate the whole thing!”

    Welcome home!

  8. Lauren
    June 30, 2013 / 7:12 pm

    I found your blog a few months ago, and my boyfriend and I really enjoy all of the recipes we’ve tried so far.

    I just made these last week, subbing a leftover salmon filet for the crab, and they were delicious. I’ll definitely make it again and try the crab next time. Thank you!

    • Nicole, RD
      June 30, 2013 / 10:34 pm

      Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for your sweet note! I hope you find lots more recipes you love ๐Ÿ™‚

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