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Day 2 and more

I dropped Lily off at “Camp Bow Wow” this morning for her “interview” (we’re boarding her during our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago). Needless to say, she’s having a blast right now at camp. How do I know this? I’m WATCHING her online! Yep, that’s right! Camp Bow Wow has cameras installed in the facility so you can watch your dog play indoors, outdoors, sleep, eat, and more! Since she’s going to be one POOPED little puppy tonight, I’ve asked my husband to take me out on a date tonight! So, here’s my day so far…

1 cappuccino with sugar-free International Delight (0 carbs)
1 slice wheat toast (1 carb)
1/2 Tbsp Smart Balance Light (0 carbs)
1 egg, large (0 carbs)
1 Fiber One bar (2 carbs)
     Total: 3 carbs

1/4th Spinach Calzone from last night (3 1/2 carbs)
1/2 c. roasted vegetables: potatoes, carrots, and squash (1/2 carbs)
     Total: 4 carbs

1 large chocolate chip cookie (2 carbs)

Dinner and PM snack: TBD

While that afternoon cookie isn’t the best choice, my co-worker always stops for cookies from an Amish Bakery before our RD meetings each month. So, I know cookies will be there (and she always gets chocolate chip), I will want one, and I need to limit myself to ONE to not go over my carbs.

Anyways, Chicago finds out today whether or not the 2016 Olympics will be held there! I’m really hoping they are, but that’s easy to say as I don’t live there anymore and will have my parent’s home to crash at during the events if we decide to attend. Oh, and the taxes…I won’t be paying Illinois taxes 🙂 Either way, an exciting time for Chicago and the Olympics in Chicago supporters (there’s a lot against it, and their reasoning is justified). We shall see!

The Chicago Tribune put out an article yesterday stating that life expectancy is still rising in “rich” countries and that many babies born after 2000 may live to be 100 years old. Even more shocking is that this upward trend in life expectancy is not showing a plateau in sight [1]. How old was Moses when he died? 120? Kidding, kidding.

The article states, “While illnesses affecting the elderly like heart disease, cancer and diabetes are rising, advances in medical treatment are also making it possible for them to remain active for longer. The obesity epidemic, however, may complicate matters. Extra weight makes people more susceptible to diseases and may increase their risk of dying. In the U.S., data from 1982 to 2000 showed a major drop in illness and disability among the elderly, though that has now begun to reverse, probably linked to the rise in obesity [1].”

Moving on….ginger. Ginger is by far a favorite ingredient of mine. While nothing tops garlic in my heart, ginger MAY take the silver. For hundreds of years, ginger has been used to ease nausea. A number of studies have been assessed to find that ginger does cure nausea caused from sea-sickness, morning-sickness, and chemotherapy. While the mechanism of action is yet to be determined, the proposed active ingredient in ginger is 6-gingerol, which helps relax intestinal muscles. How much ginger to ease nausea? Studies suggest 0.5 grams to be effective and it’s available as powder in capsule form, as well as it’s natural root state. Simply shave off several slices of ginger to chew and swallow, or enjoy it blended in water or a smoothie [2]. 

And did anyone else hear that Coke is putting calories on all their products? Read more here. I have to say, however, it would be MOST useful to do one of two things with say, 20 ounce bottles of soda – 1) list the TOTAL calories and carbohydrates in the whole bottle (people won’t look at servings per container!) or 2) do away with anything other than 1-serving containers for individual sale (which won’t happen). Unfortunately, even consumers who are trying to follow labels and make better decisions are unclear on how to read nutrition labels. So many of my patients fail to realize that while there are 26 grams of carbohydrate in an 8-ounce serving of soda….there are 65 grams of carbohydrate in the 20-ounce bottles they drink!!! Without knowing how to read the labels, however, most go on thinking they’re consuming 26 grams, or “2 carbs”. As soon as I point out the math (i.e. “You’re drinking more carbohydrates than you’re supposed to eat in a MEAL”), that soda loses a lot of appeal. So, I do wish labeling were a bit more straight forward for consumers to utilize appropriately. Off soap box.

In reading a fellow RD’s blog this week, I found this YouTube view — a snipet from The View on an episode hosting Paula Dean and her new cook book for children and specifically, children’s lunches. Listen for Barbara Walters calling out Paula, it’s great!


I hope it’s as beautiful where ever you are as it is here today! TGIF and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

[1]. Cheng, Maria. Happy 100th Birthday! Most babies born since 2000 will hit 100, life expectancy still rising. Chicago Tribune. October 1, 2009.
[2]. O’Connor, Anahad. The Alternative Medicine Cabinet: Ginger. The New York Times. October 1, 2009.
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  1. The Candid RD
    October 2, 2009 / 6:52 pm

    Yeah, I LOVED this video from the view, GO BARBARA! I was so happy she said something, I really can't stand Paula Dean. I don't think it takes talent to cook great tasting food when you use butter, tons of sugar, and whole milk in everything you make!I heard Chicago didn't make the cut ๐Ÿ™ What a HUGE bummer!!

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