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Confession: I HATE the Smart Balance peanut butter with omega-3’s. It totally tastes like fish (not in the good way, ’cause I love me some fish!) and over-powers the flavor of peanuts! Any other hydrogenated oil-free peanut butter suggestions?
I commented on a fellow RD’s blog this morning about “hitting the wall” in endurance sports. And in October when I’m not training for a marathon (my last one was 2005, sadly)…I get sentimental. Running a marathon was, without a doubt, an experience I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I know that sounds crazy, but the people who train for, compete in, and complete marathons include average Joe’s from around the world, set out to accomplish one courageous feat. Today being Sunday and one week away from the Chicago Marathon, I am missing the training, the regimented workouts, and the feeling of being on a mission. While completing a marathon (at least the 2nd time) was by far the most difficult physical endeavor I’ve endured, it was also doubly as rewarding. My marathon medals hang in my office, proudly on display.
While running double-digit mileage on a daily basis is no longer my forte, I still enjoy running very much so. My sport of choice, however, has switched to ice-hockey over the past 6 months, and I continue to supplement my ice workouts with running and other popular aerobic activities.

I posted in response to a blogger’s question regarding “hitting the wall” this morning. For those endurance athletes or marathon supporters out there, it may be of interest.

Also, I got an email today from my prior Dietetic Internship Director regarding a new USDA site that calculates Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) including macro and micro-nutrients based off age, height, weight, sex, and activity level. It’s very neat – great, credible, and free resource for nutrition professionals!
Another (good) find this week was Lipton and Ocean Spray on-the-go mixes — White Tea and Cran-Pomegranate. Though they are made with aspartame, they are a great caffeine-free option for those who have trouble getting down their water…or just want a tasty, guiltless beverage! I like them much better than the Crystal Light mixes, but that’s just personal preference!
As for my diabetic diet reports, I am going to start reporting the previous day’s intake in my posts. My days change too much to predict what will happen. So, here’s yesterday:
Breakfast (10am):
1 1/2 c. Cheerios (2 carbs)
1 packet Truvia (0 carbs)
1 c. skim milk (1 carb)
cappuccino with 2 Tbsp sugar-free International Delight (0 carbs)
     Total: 3 carbs
Snack (1:30pm):
Full Bar (2 carbs)
Lunch – (5pm – husband insisted on using a gift certificate before it expired at a local bar…):
1 single-decker turkey and Swiss club on wheat (2 carbs)
lettuce, tomato, and light mayonnaise (0 carbs)
20 french fries (2 carbs)
     Total: 4 carbs 

2 light beers (1 carb)
2 garlic knots (1 carb)
     Total: 2 carbs
2% mozzarella stick (0 carbs)
5 Triscuits (1 carb)
     Total: 1 carb 

20-minute run (cut short because I couldn’t miss Illini football kick off!)
So while I only got in 2 meals yesterday, I did have 3 snacks (one simply because I was drinking while watching college football). All-in-all, yesterday was a much easier day than anticipated. Weekend football with friends typically involves a lot of muchies laying around which are always hard to resist!
Looking forward to curling up with a movie and husband this afternoon, making an early squash and fettuccini dinner, and then off to my hockey game! Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to my first day wearing SCRUBS! I am beyond excited — I think I’m going with the coral-colored pair!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
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