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Fondue Date Night

Hubby and I stayed in last night with homemade broccoli cheese fondue and a great movie by the fire. I can’t remember the last time we had such a relaxing night in. Lily is finally starting to display less and less constant puppiness, requiring less and less non-stop supervision. And thus, husband and I can enjoy more and more cuddle (and meal) time. Ahhhhhhhh 🙂

 Broccoli Cheese Fondue with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and bread to dip

Today has been an ACTIVE day, to say the least. I started my day with hockey game #1. Husband and I cleaned ALL afternoon, and then it was off to hockey game #2 for the day (scored a goal, woot!). I’ddddd say it’s about time for a shower, wouldn’t you? Eeeewww.

How cute is this…
My hubby’s family enjoys reading my blog and his aunt even reads it to his grandma. Grandma says that my husband is “spoiled” with my “gourmet” cooking. While flattering, Grandma H, I think any cooking going down in this kitchen is a long shot from gourmet. Palatable and balanced is probably more like it!

I have received LOTS of delicious-looking recipes to my inbox since yesterday. I am so excited about the “Prevention Cookbook” and I’m so happy to hear that you are, too! Don’t forget to submit your recipe(s) by January 1, 2010! [email protected]
For more information, go here!
The more the merrier for us all…and then you get a copy, too!

Question: What are you asking for from Santa for Christmas?

Here’s to a relaxing evening and some Elf viewing. Best. Movie. Everrrr. Ciao!
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