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Happy Halloween!

I wish you all a Happy (and safe!) Halloween! Yesterday at work, a few of us dressed up and snapped a shot. I, am the banana. Not the most flattering of looks on me, but all too appropriate seeing as I’m a dietitian 🙂

Before I settled in for college football and trick-or-treaters, I got in a good run and dashed out to do my errands. And of course, that included not only a trip to the grocery store…but also to the health foods store! Needless to say, I got lots of goodies. With husband gone most of the week, I wanted some easy meals for one and enough balanced “snack foods” that I could just snack for dinner since I’m flying solo. Check it out!
 Here we see: USDA organic Acai juice (can’t wait to try it!), all-natural Pineapple Coconut juice (it’s low in calories, surprisingly and I also cannot wait to try it!), Apricot Pumpkin Butter (my new favorite food — AWESOME in oatmeal!), fat-free cottage cheese (I was CRAVING cottage cheese and pineapple!), 100% resveratol juice (only 130 calories for 10 ounces!), POM (per the recommendation of Candid RD!!), and skim milk way back there (next to the beer, haha!)
Moving over a bit in the fridge you can see…
USDA organic Oregon Chai (yummmm! I haven’t spoiled myself with any in QUITE some time!), fresh salsa, and my favorite hummus: Sabra Classic Hummus (I’m making falafel at some point this week!)

I also got: low-calorie/high-fiber noodles, Terra chips (YUMMMMMMM!), USDA organic wheat pizza crust, organic old-fashioned oats, lots of ZEVIA!, a HUGE mango, kiwi, pears, bananas, limes, salmon, pumpkin puree, and HALLOWEEN CANDY!!!!!

My (cheap) husband bought Nerds, Bubba gum, Smarties, Jaw Breakers, and Lemonheads. I was afraid our HOUSE would get EGGED if we didn’t include any CHOCOLATE!!!!! So, he left town and I bought chocolate : )

Anyways…Lily and I are ready for trick-or-treaters, as you can see!

And my fruit basket is looking ready for the week, as well…

And just as I was getting ready to press “Publish Post”….my doorbell rang. Package for Nicole. It was my Nutridel cookies! After reading about Nutridel cookies on Jenny’s blog, I just had to try them. 
And they are DELICIOUS! I ordered the assorted pack of 28 packages (2 cookies per package). The flavors are: pecan, flaxseed, almond, and oatmeal. I tried the flaxseed and it was SOOOO good!! 57 calories a cookie! They are all-natural, cholesterol free, contain no trans fat, are dairy-free, and contain no refined sugar. The cookies are high in fiber (3 grams!) and contain antioxidants and omega-3’s. And, they are GOOD!

Welp, it’s time to commit my full attention to football. Yesterday’s diet was about the same as the day before, so I will spare you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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