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Happy, happy, happy!

Question: Have any of you Blogspot users converted to WordPress? What do you think?

My blog is getting ready to undergo a major overhaul. I will soon be found under domain name preventionrd.com and will be a WordPress blogger (I’ll miss the good’ol Blogspot days, I’m sure!). Thomas is the mastermind behind what will ensue, and I am VERY excited about it! I will keep you posted as to what this transition will mean for my posting, but please bare with me!

 The sweet Ashley of Kiwis and Cocktails passed the Happy 101 Award on to me (THANK YOU! Two in a week…this is exciting for an award virgin!)

The rules are:
1. List 10 things that make you Happy
2. Tag 10 Bloggers that Brighten your day

10 things that make me happy (there’s a lot!)…
1. Scoring a goal in a hockey game!
2. Seeing my puppy shake like a jitter bug because she’s so excited to see me!
3. A good glass of red wine, Chianti preferred.
4. Going on a long, effortless run.
5. Waking up with not a THING to do
6. Finding new, fun finds at the grocery store
7. Husband playing with my hair
8. Long dinners with my family filled with inappropriateness and laughter
9. Helping others reach their health and nutrition goals
10. Looking at my wedding pictures. I truly had the wedding of my dreams.

10 blogs that brighten my day…
Gina of The Candid RD 
Cait of The Twenty-Fifth Year 
Rebecca of Chow and Chatter 
Mari of Namaste Mari

I love to read ALL of the blogs I follow, it was hard to narrow it down! Keep the happiness going by sharing 10 things that make YOU happy and 10 blogs that brighten your day!

On a completely unrelated and shameful note…Jersey Shores is quite possibly as addictive as crack cocaine. Puppy whined at 5:20 this morning (alarm wasn’t set to go off til 6:20), and instead of rolling over to go back to bed (what I usually do, especially by Friday!), I got up……AND WATCH JERSEY SHORES BEFORE WORK. I have reached a new level of overly inappropriate TV viewing. 

Run #3 on the new treadmill was a nice recovery run of 3.1 miles with a leisurely warm-up and cool-down. LOVE having a treadmill at home. Though, I must admit, the morning workouts have not ensued as I had originally planned. HOWEVER, the important thing is getting in the workouts whether it be morning, noon, or night…and I’m doing that!

What are you up to this weekend? Shopping, shopping, and baking?

Tonight is husband’s Christmas party and we’re driving around in stretch Expedition limos to see beautiful Christmas lights, and then out for a wonderful Italian dinner (Chianti, woot!). I’m really excited! Have a WONDERFUL weekend…TGIF!!!!!!

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