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"Like a kid in a candy store…"

Yesterday, Mark and I ventured out to a local health foods store, Akins, after being recommended to me by a co-worker. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a most pleasant surprise! I could’ve easily spent hundreds (maybe even thousands…) of dollars. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately for my bank account and marriage), Mark WAS with me, and I was limited to one basket. And here’s what I came home with….
 TOP FIND: Pure Bliss USDA Organic Acai Coconut Energy Bar Bites
…they are soooooooo good! If you love coconut, these are a must-try!
“Light Pasta” — 130 calories per serving vs. the standard 210
…and check out that FIBER — 20 GRAMS per 2 ounces!!!!!!!
I typically drink cow’s milk, but I LOVE Blue Diamond Almond Vanilla, especially to have on hand for when you’re out of milk!

And I finalllllllllllly found a place that carries steel-cut oats! Can’t wait to try them!!

I’m out of green tea, so I got this organic blend…and it is yummmmy

I am officially OBSESSED with Terra chips. This blend was out of this world. 6 servings?? Try 2. Oops!

…Pumpkin (and Apricot) Butter!!!!! Other than grains, what could I try it on? It’s divine!!! Love fall foods!

This was husband’s pick….100% all-natural Red Raspberry and Pomegranate jam

I also got the chance to try Zevia — the zero-calorie, all-natural soda made with stevia.
I tried the ginger ale and it was YUMMMMMYY!!! I’m excited to try other flavors!

We also went over to a friend’s for dinner last night, so I brought the above salad — romaine, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds tossed with olive oil, red wine vinegar, Parmesan cheese, ground mustard, garlic salt, and pepper. Delicious!
The past 2 days have gone like this for the diabetic diet…

6 crackers (1 carb)
2 Tbsp peanut butter (0 carbs)
1/2 pomegranate (1 carb)
1/2 small pumpkin roll slice (1 carb)
cappuccino with 2 Tbsp sugar-free International Delight (0 carbs)
     Total: 3 carbs

1 cup whole wheat pasta (3 carbs)
4 ounce chicken breast (0 carbs)
3/4 cup marinara (1 carb)
2% cheese stick (0 carbs)
     Total: 4 carbs

1 small apple (1 carb)
1 wedge Laughing Cow Light (0 carbs)
     Total: 1 carb

Dinner (9pm):
2 Bud Lights (1 carb)
6 ounces chicken (0 carbs)
1/2 cup mashed potatoes (1 carb)
side Caesar salad (0 carbs)
3 slices of bread off a mini loaf (1 carb)
     Total: 3 carbs

Snack: none – late dinner and to bed soon after
Exercise: 4-mile walk

1/4 cup granola (1 1/2 carbs)
banana (2 carbs)
cappuccino with 2 Tbsp sugar-free International Delight (0 carbs)
     Total: 3 1/2 carbs

Acai Berry and Coconut bites (2 carbs)
3 servings of Terra Chips (3 carbs) — OOPS!
     Total: 5 carbs (spread throughout afternoon)

Dinner (9pm):
3 ounces pork roast – lean (0 carbs)
1 cup slow-cooked carrots and potatoes (1 carb)
2 cups tossed salad (0 carbs)
1/2 cup macaroni and cheese (1 1/2 carbs)
1/2 slice peanut butter fluff pie (2 carbs)
     Total: 4 1/2 carbs (over!)

2 graham crackers (1 carb)
1 Tbsp peanut butter (0 carbs)
Exercise: 3-mile run 

Akins also carried 2 of my favorite supplement brands: Carlson’s and Nordic Naturals. I know where I’ll be getting my supplements from now on!

Off to do my grocery shopping for the week. Husband has requested some tried and true favorites of his: “Fried” Chicken Fingers and Buffalo Chicken Lasagna (both healthy, however!). One hockey game down, one to go!
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