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my first papaya

I’ve had papaya before, but I’ve never purchased a papaya before. They were on sale for $0.94/lb and I just couldn’t resist!

My 3.21-lb papaya 
(I couldn’t get the picture to rotate for the life of me…sorry)

I peeled off the skin and cut it length-wise into 2. How pretty inside!

Scooped out the seeds and cut into slices. It was perfectly ripe! Almost looks like salmon here, doesn’t it?

7 cups of fresh papaya for just over $3.00! Yumm!
Papaya Facts:
– 55 calories per CUP!
– naturally fat-free
– contains 3 grams of fiber per cup
– one cup contains 144% DV of Vitamin C
– named the “fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus
– contains papain — an enzyme used in digesting proteins
Question: What’s the last NEW fruit or vegetable you tried at home? 
Are there any you’re interested in trying but hesitant to spend the money on without knowing when it’s ripe, how it tastes, or how you can cook with it?
 I received several emails asking what my time was for the 4-mile Guinness Challenge. The results are up and my chip time was 45:53…just under 11:30 min/mi splits. Considering the Guinness-drinking and hills…I’m happy with that!

Off to play my 2 hockey games in a bit…hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and having better weather than Tulsa!
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