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No gym, no workout? Psh!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Oklahoma yesterday – 72 and sunny! I was looking for something new to do for exercise to get a break from running…so, I headed to the local high school football stadium. Let’s just say, I kicked my own butt!

I started my workout with stadium stairs…running…up and down, up and down. And let’s just say high school football in the south is a big thing, so this is no small stadium stair feat. I next moved on to suicides. While I’ve done suicides on hockey rinks, the football field is a whole new beast (I later calculated that the football suicide is 0.625 miles!). After my suicide, I moved on to crunches and a pyramid of push-ups (10..rest..9..rest…8…rest…you get it). Water break and repeat.

Today, my calves feel like bricks. Luckily, my home nor work place require me to go down stairs…but I’m sure that would be far from pleasant as walking is painful enough. Let’s just say that 1) working out sans a gym is completely possible, 2) workouts outside a gym can be more difficult than workouts inside the gym, and 3) when you can FEEL lactic acid building in your muscles as you perform your workout, chances are you’re gunna be sore and you’re getting one CHALLENGING workout.

This morning I copied the breakfast of Meredith, writer of Pursuing Balance, and added fresh MANGO (mmm!) to my steel cut oats! I used a packet of PureVia and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

It was VERY good! Though, I have to say, I’m not convinced that steel cut oats increase satiety. While I did have an early breakfast (6am), I was hungry by 10:30am…at which time I had…

…a Pumpkin Muffin I made last night with Southaven Farms’ Ginger Spice mix. They are sooo good, and SUPER easy! Don’t they look delicious?!

And I had my little helper for dish duty…

And on a random note, the Natural Twist Zevia is officially my favorite flavor. It has a bit of a citrus bitterness to it that I just love. Mmm!

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