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The DL on Boot Camp

So, boot camp. You guys want to know more, huh? : )

Day 1: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.
If the workout had a “theme” it would’ve been shoulders and buttocks. We used hand weights (I brought 8lb-ers and 5lb-ers. Let’s just say the 8’s stayed at home today…) and did LOADS of over-head presses. We did tricep curls, lunges, and squats. I gotta say, I love squats…and talk about a mega calorie burner! 

The class is run as a circuit and our routine last night was repeated 3x with running in between sets.

Day 2: The (BLASTED) Plank.
I. Hate. Planks. I. Hate. Planks. I. Hate. Planks.
I am decently strong and planks get me EVERY time. Holding a forward or side plank for 60 seconds BLOWS. Not only the strength portion of the exercise, but also the balance. I have nothing positive to say in regard to those boogers. 
Tonight we also did biceps and abs. Lots. If you’re familiar with pilates and “V” sit-ups, you’re familiar with killer ab workouts. We did those. Lots of those. 
We worked the biceps with the handled elastic bands and did high reps of bicep curls, holding the band beneath our feet in a standing position.
The bosu ball also made an appearance tonight. However, for once, I owned the bosu ball…it did NOT own me. Squats on bosu…handled.
Now would be a good time to let you all know that I’ve entered into a race this weekend. And in true Tulsa fashion, it involves beer. The “Guinness Challenge” is a 4-mile run and challengers must finish a Guinness at the 1.5-mile marker, 3-mile marker, and finish line (prior to crossing). While I love Guinness, I do feel this running + drinking WILL present as a challenge. 
We shall see…stay tuned. Pictures necessary, I know.

CHEESE Giveaway announcement! Go here! What a neat giveaway!!

My puppy has a cold and feels deprived…gotta go! 
Anyone else off for Veteran’s Day tomorrow? THIS makes me a VERY happy girl!
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