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The Guinness Challenge

You may have noticed…I have moved! I
am no longer “Produce Princess”….but rather, I am now “PreventionRD”. I wanted to switch my domain name (I’m not too tech savvy…is that correct blog terminology?) to something that was related to my blog site name. Does that even make sense? Anyways, I have moved to here. I hope you all find me…or I find you, or else…I will miss you!
So, today was the Guinness Challenge and we had a blast! Just for you, blog world, I was a picture-takin’ fool….

Let’s start this blog post recap from the beginning. Irish bar hosting the run = bag pipers! 
I LOVE bag pipes!
 Here’s the group ready to run…Bailey, too. I’m the SHORT blonde (I’m 5’3…these folks are just giants!)
 Here’s the start of the race. We started in the back ’cause we were a lil late getting our bibs and chips…
 And here I start my runtography. A view of our Tulsa skyline and a fairly good shot of some elevated course ahead (uggggggggh)
 Beer stop #1
THIS was SUPPOSED to be at 1.5 miles. Thanks to my Garmin 305, however, I knew it was at 2.2 miles. Thank you, Garmin.
 This is a timed event, people. Lady like manners not required.
 Still beer stop #1 here…Matt and I were fairly hardcore about our carb stops, but not hardcore enough to omit time for photographic memories!!
 Here I am showing off my Guinness…and my Garmin 305, most importantly.
 Hello, HILL. Bahhhhhhhh!!!!
 On the down-hill…but a longggg ways to go to beer stop #2.
P.S. HATE races where people ahead of you are passing on the opposite side of the road!!
Dun dun! Beer stop #2! Workin’ hard or hardly working, folks?
 Ok, they worked hard enough….but not at the right times. Warm Guinness = drinking bread.
 Beer stop #2 photo opp of Matt and I (lookin’ a lil rough here, not gunna lie!)
Translation for those of you who don’t know sign language…2 down, 1 to go
 …Back over that blasted hill
….but not before our last beer at mile 4. Mid-gulp, sorry about that face. This is a timed event, remember?
 Husband, me, and Matt. Drinking our congratulatory brews from the race sponsors (like we needed them)
…I did give away my second one, however!!
 The Guinness Challenge Finishers!!!

It probably goes without saying, but I have a headache and a warm bath calling my name. Ciao for now, bloggies!
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