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Don’t you love when money is THROWN at you? I sure do!
My bi-weekly taste-test email went out to my co-workers yesterday. 
Next week: Healthier Christmas Cookies
(I do 2 healthy taste testings a month at my clinic — every other Wednesday — providing a sample and a copy of the recipe to try at home)

I was interrupted not once...not twice…but THREE times during an appointment this morning to be handed $1 (the cost to participate in the taste test). Guess they’re looking forward to the cookies!
…for which no one provided me with their favorite, healthy cookie recipe! 

And after my homemade Green Monster disaster, I’ve been on the prowl for liquid greens that I enjoy. Naked gets my vote — this Green Machine Naked juice was gooood! Still getting used to the green, but super delicious!
I got an email yesterday from a reader asking where I keep my wine. Husband and I have a LOT of wonderful wine brought over from Italy (as well as local US wineries!). I took a picture of the Whirlpool wine fridge we recently purchased (and love). While it doesn’t hold all of our wine, we can house the really good stuff.
Wine should be stored at 55 F with no more than 1 degree Fahrenheit fluctuation.
And after snapping that picture, I decided it could be a wine night. Chianti = <3
This morning I got a little (more) creative with breakfast and made some delicious granola sprinkled with low-fat coconut flakes, Golden Flax Seen Flax Sprinkles from Stober Farms (yum!) and topped with skim milk.

Nom nom nom

The wonderful people of FlaxUSA sent me these Flax Sprinkles which contain 2,800 milligrams of Omega-3 per serving!! Along with 3 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Holla! Flax = thumbs WAY up!

And for fun, you foodies…
This -or- That 
Copy and Paste into a comment and reveal your selections!
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panose-1:2 11 6 3 2 2 2 2 2 4;
mso-font-signature:647 0 0 0 159 0;}
/* Style Definitions */
p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal
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font-family:”Trebuchet MS”;
mso-ascii-font-family:”Trebuchet MS”;
mso-hansi-font-family:”Trebuchet MS”;
@page Section1
{size:8.5in 11.0in;
margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in;
chocolate ic
e cream or vanilla ice cream
iced coffee or hot coffee
mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
sweet or salty
fruit or veggies
organic or save the money
honey or agave
granola or oats
cow’s milk or soy milk
tacos or pizza
green monster or spinach salad
Splenda or Stevia
hummus or guacamole
chicken or tofu
eat-in or dine-out
Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods
old-fashioned or steel-cut
Zevia or Kombucha
And if you’re a Southaven Farms fan…
10% off Southaven Farms – coupon code TENPERCENT129
Have a wonderful day before Friday, everyone!
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