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Today's Confessions of a Dietitian

Sonic. 44 ounces, please. Now…

If you’ve never tried Sonic’s

Diet Cherry Limeade, you’re missing a little piece of heaven. Sonic hosts their daily “Happy Hour” between 2 and 4pm where these amazing slushes are half off – SCORE! Mmmm…

While I almost decided to write, “It’s DIET, don’t judge” on my 44-ouncer (that sits on my desk all afternoon as I counsel the overweight and the diabetics), I recalled how conveniently guilt-free my indulgence is. For a mere

25 calories, I can partake in my afternoon delight…shamelessly. And so, I do.

When I was paying at Sonic today, however, I got to thinking about Sonic etiquette. I’m from the north as we know, and Sonic’s are NOT more frequently spotted than gas stations anywhere but Oklahoma. So I quizzed local Oakie’s as to whether or not tipping your carhop was an appropriate gesture, and if so, what’s an appropriate tip?

Consensus: “Keep the change.” I’m down with that, except that my $2.08 habit (not during 2-4pm) would run me another $0.92 on a daily basis. I don’t make enough for that, now! I decided $2.50 was a fair compromise, and I loaded up my change receptacle in my car.

Crisis averted. But in all seriousness, you should grab yourself a little sip of heaven next time you pass by a Sonic. It won’t disappoint.

Disclaimer: Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade is highly addictive. Consume with caution.

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