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'Twas the day after a foodie's happiest of days…

Ends up, mom read my blog post containing my pecan pie cup rant. And upon my arrival to Chicago, a pecan pie had made it’s way into our Thanksgiving dessert line-up. While that was not by design, my Thanksgiving was complete by a small piece of delicious, savory, rich pecan pie. And just for confirmation, I tried a bite of a pecan pie cup. It was all crust, not the ooey-gooey deliciousness defining pecan pie. So, yep, pecan PIE is a Thanksgiving staple for all years to come.
Also in the T-day line up were: turkey, dressing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, jello salad, green beans, cornbread pudding, cheesy broccoli, and….pecan pie. Some delicious African red wine, as well! Mmm! I stuck to one plate, which I did not finish and one slice of pie for dessert. All-in-all, a successful, delicious, satisfying meal without going over the threshold of gluttony.
Mom and I were supposed to go to the gym this morning, however, I over-slept. With puppy being back in Tulsa, I found myself rising at 10am! Oops! Tomorrow…8am…step class + strength class.
Anyone get in a good workout today? Yesterday?? Black Friday participants out there???
We had an amazing Indian lunch with my friend, AJ and now we’re off to see “The Blind Side”…I’ve been wanting to see it since the previews started running in theatres MONTHS ago!!
I hope you all had a wonderful, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to enter in to my Newman’s Own Organics Giveaway!
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