BLT Tostada 2

BLT Tostadas

You know you’ve been married a long time when you’ve had the SAME jokes for yeeeeeeears (6 years is a long time, right? 😉 ). You’ll spar openly amongst others, speaking your funny little lingo that no one else understands. “Turkey bacon with extra nitrates!” Mr. Prevention jabs at me, proclaiming turkey bacon to always…

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Parm-Style Chicken Sliders 4

Parm-Style Chicken Sliders

We had company on Monday night – a friend of ours stopped by on her road trip. Over the past year, she has been to nearly every US state (and more countries than I care to count because I am green with envy!). I mean, how cool is that?! The rational side (ahem, okay…the lazy…

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Caribbean Chicken Tacos 2

Caribbean Chicken Tacos + Weekly Menu

Marriage isn’t always easy and marriage with a little one can be even more challenging. There have been times in recent weeks that I’ve bitten off Mr. P’s head and then later thought how unfair it was for me to do so. Then I go apologize and try to right any wrongs, always realizing too…

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Smoky Tilapia Tacos 2

Smoky Tilapia Tacos

I really want to get in better shape post-baby. While the scale quickly returned to normal (thanks to being FULL of water and baby during my pregnancy), my body is not quite the same. At all. Couple pregnancy with a new one that all you want to do is spend every minute away from work…

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9 month collage

9-Month-Old Update & Eats

I figured it was time for a little baby Shea update. You know, in case you opt out of my Instagram cuteness overload (I understand). My little Shea bug is 9 months (and 1 week) old and the time seems to go by faster and faster every day. Babies truly are miracles and my little miracle…

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BBQ Chicken Quinoa Bowls 2

BBQ Chicken Quinoa Bowls + Weekly Menu

I know that most couples “fight” about important things like finances and romance and their in-laws. Not us. We “fight” about the stupid stuff – mainly, housework. It is not that I don’t love having a clean home, but does vacuuming top my to-do list after a work day and taking care of a 9-month-old? Obviously not….

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Roasted Pesto Bacon Potatoes 4

Roasted Pesto Bacon Potatoes

I remember living in Tulsa, starting our very first garden. I’d researched raised bed gardens and started the garden from scratch – hammer, nails, dirt…the whole deal, beginning to end. It was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had — getting ALL that dirt from the front yard to the back, up and down…

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food blogging with a dog collage 2

Food Blogging with a Dog (vol. 3)

It has been YEARS since I’ve posted a humorous “what food blog photography is really like” post. I am still a lover of photographing with food on the floor/ground which can create some challenges. 😉 But I’m short, I hate tripods, and it’s easiest to find natural light when you’re mobile with your food. Many…

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