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Hi! I’m Nicole – a Registered Dietitian (RD) and author of 11-year-old, Prevention RD! By day, I am the coordinator and manager of a diabetes and nutrition department. By night, I am a home cook, blogger, cookbook author, podcast co-host, wife, and mommy to two little girls, Shea (5) and Piper (3). You may also hear me talk about Harlie, our English bulldog.

I live in southwest Michigan, though I’m originally from Chicago. I enjoy playing ice-hockey and tennis, running, my Peloton, cooking, going to the beach as often as possible, and reading as much as I can…and only wish there were more hours in the day to partake in all of these things.

I lost 75 pounds in high school, igniting my passion for health and wellness. Since that time, much has changed, including my mission to live in a body of a certain size (spoiler alert: a smaller size). Many years and two babies later, my body has changed. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that health and wellness is not a size, but a lifestyle. I strive for a diet comprised primarily of good-for-me foods while incorporating all the things I love most, like craft beer and dessert!

Disclaimer: I am a dietitian, not a perfect person or consumer. I sometimes struggle with my weight and body image like a lot of people. While this is something I strive to better, I do believe health is about much more than weight or inches but about happiness and balance, and achieving a person I love and admire.

I love mail! Question? Comment? Send it over to me! Thanks for reading!

Be well,

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