Money Matters: Cajun Chicken Pasta

It’s true that we “rate” the recipes we try – it’s my way of steering you, dear readers, to what is good, better, and best. It’s true that we enjoy nearly everything…we’re pretty easy to please (too easy, I imagine). But this dish, without a doubt, falls into the “best” recipe category.

I love that this meal combines your complex carbohydrate (whole wheat pasta), vegetables (peppers and onion), and protein (chicken breast). It even offers up some milk, though not quite a serving. And outside of boiling the pasta, this is all made in one big skillet.

Even though this wasn’t what was for dinner last night, I couldn’t help but dream about this dish while driving home from my spin class last night. Did you know you can peddle on a spin bike while doing tricep push-ups? Yeah, me either. Owwww. After all that cardio, pasta seemed like the right thing to do. And not just any pasta, I really wanted this pasta.

This dish also had the perfect amount of heat (not too spicy, you weenies!). When I reheated these leftovers at work my co-workers asked, “What smells spicy and Cajun-y?” Good smellers they’ve got — hit the nail on the head! I’ve always loved pasta dishes with some spice, personally. The flavor in this was unique, though not complex. I can’t say I’ve ever used Cajun seasoning as a staple in my kitchen, but that has just changed!

If that testament to this Cajun Chicken Pasta wasn’t convincing enough, check out those nutrition stats. Right around 360 calories (for a rather generous portion, I should add) and a great balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat while also offering 6.5 grams of fiber and less than 500 milligrams of sodium. Plus, it was ready in 30 minutes or less. And the actual cost? Try $1.50 a serving! Even dollar menus have a hard time competing with that ;)

Even Lily begged for some of the flavor…

I need to pack, get to court (wish me better luck this go-round), and then Lil Lil and I are headed to Chicago!

P.S. You may wanna check back tomorrow for a giveaway! ;)

See you in the Chi,


  1. Delicious and cheap, I love it.
    I’ve been so bad about making dinner lately. Nick has had random pasta dishes each day this week, and I’ve just been making “big salads”. Long week. But….we are both off now, YEAH!!
    I was planning on spinning this morning for my workout. Tricep push-ups may be happening (or…maybe not).

  2. I’m glad you liked it! This is one of my favorite dishes too. :-)

  3. This is definitely the kind of recipe where the leftovers the next day are just as, if not better, than the actual meal because all the flavors and the smells combine into evil deliciousness. And I just really love making my coworkers jealous of my skillz. ;)

  4. This dish looks incredible!
    I also love cream sauces but like you said, they are always so high in calories.
    I will definitely be giving this a try!
    Have a great time in Chicago!

  5. I made this recipe many moons ago – one of the first thing I ever made for Tom! I definitely need to make it again with some healthy applications.

  6. Those flavors sound awesome! I’m a heat wuss so it not being too spicy sounds good to me :). Your spin class sounds awesome!! Have a great trip Nicole.

  7. I love simple meals like this. The flavors sound delicious, and it’s so inexpensive! Awesome! I actually don’t have many dishes I use Cajun seasoning for, but I love the taste of it. I’ll have to save this recipe away for the next time I get some chicken :)

  8. I love Cajun pastas! This reminds me that it has been waaaayyyyy to long since I’ve made it.

    Good luck at court!

  9. This looks and sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to get back to spin class so I can REALLY enjoy dishes like this!

  10. What a fantastic looking budget (and healthy) dish!! Have a safe journey Nicole. LOVE the shot of Lily!!!

  11. mmmmmm. Cajun pasta! Sounds like it would be right up my alley— delicious, cheap and low in calories. It’s the perfect recipe! lol

  12. Looks & sounds very tasty! Great stats!

    Happy Holidays!

  13. The previous comment was me, but I’m using Andy’s laptop as mine decided to die on Sunday…

  14. I will definitely be giving this recipe a try. I love Cajun pasta. :)

  15. This dish looks fantastic and I love that you highlight the budget-friendliness. I am definitely one of those spice weenies! I like a little heat but not so much that it burns my mouth off :) Is there any sub for cajun seasoning? what’s in it?

  16. Just made this tonight…yum! Thanks for a great recipe.

  17. I made this last night and you were absolutely right about this recipe. It’s definitely deserving of the A++ rating and its super easy! I did feel a little guilty about it with the cream but it was so worth it!

    • Nicole, RD says:

      I totally agree! We make this in the hospital cafeteria and everyone goes crazy for it! :) So glad you enjoyed it, too!


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