Champagne Poached Salmon with Champagne Cream Sauce


Austin has been amazing. And hot. And delicious.

I’ve met new friends, seen old friends, and unfortunately, had my allergies waking up my roomies with my snores.

last night I had poached goat that was out of this world, and a soft shell crab that was almost too cute to eat. Almost. I washed it down with an IPA and a rich bite of panna cotta.

Life is good.


I am insanely jealous of Austin’s Whole Foods that is an entire city block and then some. I’ve people-watched more than I have in ages. #stayweirdaustin. Oh so fun.

I saw Ree Drummund buzz through the lobby of the hotel yesterday afternoon. I was too shy to say hi and snap a photo with her. Maybe today. I mean, she’s an Oklahomian…I have to.

I will blow UP Twitter and Instagram with delicious eats. They’re too good not to share and remember.


Not sure what else the day will bring other than more heat, more food, and more learning how to blog best. All good things.

Before I run off for my 5 minutes of bathroom time in this small hotel room full of women, here’s something foodies would fancy. Champagne Poached Salmon with Champagne Cream Sauce.

Chic without the effort. How Austin is that?


Off I go!

Be well,



  1. This is the kind of meal I always order at a restaurant. Love salmon with a light cream sauce. So jealous you’re in Austin. Have fun girl!

  2. I’m jealous!! From all of your Instagram photos, it looks like you’ve been having an amazing time. I really want to visit that Whole Foods someday — is it true it has a playground too?

    Have a great rest of the conference!!

  3. I am a salmon freak ~ probably because I lived in Seattle for all of those years. This recipe is to-die-for perfect in every way. We’ve made it once a week for the past month … ! Thanks sooo so much for sharing this. <3


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