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10th Annual Chili Contest: Round-Up and Winner Announced!

Another delicious season of chili comes and goes. And, alas, the Illini football team DIDN’T suck. They weren’t AMAZING, but they didn’t suck.  We’re going to a bowl game  — the Redbox Bowl! (Quiet your judgment!)

Before the winner is announced, let’s recap…

Entry #1 – Red Chili {Vegan}

Entry #2 – Gourmet Chili Con Carne

Entry #3 – Weeknight White Chicken Chili

Entry #4 – California Chili

Entry #5 – Sweet Bourbon Chili

Each recipe this year was incredibly different from the next. It always makes judging a bit tougher. That said, it is Katie D’s Red Chili submission that takes 1st place! INCREDIBLY healthy, vegan, and full of flavor. There’s nothing not to love. Katie, be in touch so I can get you your $200 prize!!

Thank you to all of this year’s chili contest participants. I look forward to next year!

Be well,

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