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Blueberry Mocktail

Sweet blueberries, tangy ginger beer, and club soda combine for a perfectly balanced, refreshing drink that can be made complete served with ice cubes and lime wedges or sprig of mint!


​Alaska, here we come! The past week has been all sorts of abnormal. The girls had their last days of 1st and 3rd grades, there was swim placement testing and soccer tryouts, and Mark home with the girls all day — yay, sabbatical! No work for Mark in the month of June. And I’m off for 2 weeks for the first time since having Piper almost 8 years ago. It feels…weird. I’ll have a few tests and plenty of homework to keep me busy, but my Kindle is loaded and I’m ready for explore the beauty of Alaska. 

Amid the chaos of packing and the end of the school year, social calendars have been packed, too. My team had scheduled off-site time yesterday and most of us ordered mocktails at the winery-brewery. I used to be that person that didn’t see the point in a mocktail, but as someone who tolerates and enjoys alcohol less all the time, mocktails have earned their rightful place in my heart! A beautiful drink that can offer health and a fun, fruity break from water — what’s not to love!?


  • Family Friendly: Delicious mocktail recipes such as this blueberry mocktail recipe is one of many fruity mocktails the whole family can enjoy! They’re perfect on a hot day!
  • Happy Hour: Keep with the alcohol free drink or add a jigger of your favorite alcohol or wine to create a spritzer!
  • Make-Ahead: The blueberry mixture can be prepped in advance making this fancy drink perfect for entertaining or family gatherings.


  • Blueberries: Fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries work great in this recipe. You can also opt to use strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries as a great way to change up this drink recipe.
  • Sugar: Granulated sugar, raw sugar, honey, or even simple syrup can be used.
  • Ginger Beer: This sweet, carbonated beverage offers concentrated ginger flavor and a bit of a spicy kick. Contrary to its given name, it is non-alcoholic and commonly used as a cocktail mixer. It does come in cans and bottles, as well as sugar-free, or “diet” varieties. Goslings and Bundaberg are both commonly found ginger beers that rank among the most favorite ginger beer options available. Ginger ale or another clear soda can be used in a substitute.
  • Club Soda: This ingredenti is also known as plain sparkling water, carbonated water, seltzer water, or soda water. If you prefer, tonic water or coconut water can be used in place of club soda.


    • Serve this drink with different shaped ice cubes or a fun twist! 
    • You can make this drink in a glass pitcher for familt events or summer cookouts to serve a crowd, or as a single drink, measuring out the blueberry syrup (1/4 cup) for a single drink and storing the leftover in the fridge.
    • Store leftover blueberry syrup in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week
    • Serve this delicious drink with any number of garnishes, such as lime slices, an orange slice, sliced fresh lemons, and/or springs of fresh mint leaves. You can add a few fresh berries on top, even.


    Do you need a cocktail shaker to make this mocktail?

    No! In fact, this best not to use a shaker in order to avoid a fizzy, frothy, messy preparation! You can also flatten the bubbles of both the ginger beer and soda water by shaking.

    Is this mocktail sweet?

    ​The drink offers moderate-to-light sweetness. If that’s too little sweetness, consider adding a bit more sugar and/or additional ginger beer or less soda water. Play with the ratios to find your favorite way to get the flavor and sweetness profile right for you!

    Some recipes strain out the blueberry skins and pulp, why didn’t you?

    The fiber! Berries are rich in fiber and a bit of texture to a drink it a fun addition, if you ask me! Give it a try!


    • This recipe is vegan and gluten-free
    • Blueberries are rich in fiber and antioxidants
    • Mocktails do not offer many nutritional perks, but the lack of alcohol makes them a healthier option that is both alcohol-free and typically lower in calories.
    • This cocktail is not overly sweet, keeping both the calories and carbohydrates (sugar) lower than many other cocktails and mocktails

    Blueberry Mocktail

    Blueberry Mocktail

    Yield: 8 mocktails
    Prep Time: 2 minutes
    Cook Time: 15 minutes
    Additional Time: 1 hour
    Total Time: 1 hour 17 minutes

    Sweet blueberries, tangy ginger beer, and club soda combine for a perfectly balanced, refreshing drink that can be made complete served with ice cubes and lime wedges or sprig of mint!


    • 1 pint (2 cups) blueberries
    • 1/4 cup sugar
    • 1 cup water
    • 16 oz ginger beer
    • 16 oz club soda


    1. Combine blueberries, sugar, and water in a small sauce pan and heat over medium-low heat until bubbly.
    2. Reduce heat to low and aimmer for 10-20 minutes or until syrupy and berries have popped. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.
    3. Place ice in a cocktail glass before adding 1/4 cup of the blueberry mixture and 2 ounces of both ginger beer and club soda. Stir and serve chilled.
    Nutrition Information:
    Yield: 8 Serving Size: 1 mocktail
    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 74Total Fat: 0.1gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 2mgCarbohydrates: 19.3gFiber: 1.0gSugar: 13.9gProtein: 0.2g

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    Love blueberries as much as me? Endless ways to enjoy!

    Be well,

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