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Family Friday (or Monday…vol. 69): Blog Hiatus

Sorry for the interruption in blogging — I had an enhancement on my eyes done last Friday and I wasn’t quite prepared for the aftermath. I had PRK vision correction in 2011 and had really good results — best I can tell, it was hormones related to pregnancy and/or breastfeeding that caused the issues. I was otherwise extremely happy with the results, especially since my vision was in the ballpark of -9.0 before PRK. It was TERRIBLE.

I recall a painful recovery and the need for pain medication following my first PRK, but understandably so. The laser was on my eye for nearly a minute…my enhancement was just a few seconds. I falsely believed that this would lead to a speedier recovery. I was very wrong. Today (Monday) is the first day I’ve been nearly pain free and not requiring pain meds. It’s also the first day I don’t have a steady stream of tears running down my face (and no, I’m not talking about crying…although I’ve wanted to do that several times over the weekend).

I still don’t feel quite prepared to drive and I had every intention of working today. I’ve been working from home, but going into the office is not happening. I also had to cancel a lunch with old coworkers and a meeting I had planned on my afternoon of PTO to meet with a contractor for our master bath remodel. So, I decided that on this beautiful day, I wouldn’t let my sensitivity to light stop me and I put on my visor and sunglasses and had a 2+ hour chat with my bestie. It’s nice when your friends are off in the middle of the week when you’re randomly available for catching up.

I had no intention of missing a beat with my blog, but everything is blurry. I wouldn’t be able to do photos any justice in editing and so I’m on a bit of a forced blogging hiatus. I hope the optometrist at the vision institute is correct in saying that days 3 and 4 (yesterday and today) are the days where your vision takes a bit of a dive before the real improvement is seen. I was seeing much better yesterday morning than I am now. It makes me realize that everything I love to do involves seeing.

Needless to say, the weekend was long. Mark was more-or-less single parenting as I just tried to survive. He will need to be on deck for daycare pick-up and Shea’s ice skating lesson tonight, too. No pity party – just hoping that my recovery picks up pace here! In the meantime, sorry for a lack of posting. I’ve got some winners in queue!

I’m off to rest my eyes – Happy Monday!

Be well,

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  1. Biz
    April 30, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    Feel better! Um, ask Mark if he’s going to be doing any Instastories of Shea on the ice in your absence 😀

  2. Michael Tayone
    May 3, 2018 / 1:02 pm

    I’ve also eye problem but not the same as yours. Just have faith that you will be healed. God bless.


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