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Family Friday (vol. 101): Random-ness.

I haven’t posted a Family Friday in over a month – how is that possible? I have a few random updates and thoughts to spew your way today!

  1. Halloween – went well. And unlike much of the midwest, southwest Michigan did not get hit with snow. SMALL MIRACLES. Yet, the winds were so strong the rain was coming down sideways and it was COLD. Fortunately, there are nursing homes that offer indoor trick-or-treating…plus the residents absolutely love it. Win-win. Piper’s pumpkin was so full of candy, she couldn’t carry it by the end! I especially love this option for younger children – it’s rapid-fire utilization of manners and etiquette. “Trick-or-Treat”…”Thank you!” I also prompted them ahead of time to make eye contact and speak loudly and clearly. They did really well 🙂
  2. Regarding the candy – my kids did not ask to eat it. I’m so surprised. Shea FOR SURE knows that it’s actual candy and they each asked to have a Tootsie Roll sucker. Which, of course, I said yes to. The fact that that was the end of the conversation in the past 24 hours blows my mind. I’ll report back as the pumpkins FULL of candy sit on the counter for another week.
  3. Shea had her second optomotrist appointment yesterday after failing the vision screening for the second year in a row. Last year, he suggested we hold off on glasses. This year, her near-sightedness has progressed and she’s at -1.0 on one eye and -0.75 on the other. He left it up to us as to whether we get her glasses. We opted to do so since she has been complaining of some blurred vision. I’ll be sure to post a picture once they come in – she will look darling, of course!
  4. I’m digging a few new podcasts, one is SustainabiliME and the other is Coffee + Crumbs. Kelly is the host of SustainabiliME and I play hockey with her. She’s not only a great hockey player but super sweet and works in nuclear energy. It’s a great listen and I’ve learned a lot. I also plan to interview her about food waste and sustainability on my podcast, Dietitians Dish, this winter! Coffee + Crumbs is a new listen for me and I really enjoy the women. Overall, I think they’re well-spoken and effective communicators so I’m taking pointers for sure!
  5. On the topic of podcasts, I run into Meagan from The Mom Hour all over my town. I mean, St. Joe, Michigan is not a booming metropolis and apparently, Meagan and I have paths that cross often. I met her for the first time last winter when finding out she was from my community AND had an amazing and well-established podcast. It’s great it you haven’t checked it out. Current favorite episodes include “Behind the Scene of Our Partnership” and “Female Friendships & Women We Admire”. Anyway, I am feeling very nudged to profess my admiration of her work and I plan to draft that email very soon. She’s doing awesome things both on her podcast and in our community, and she totally deserves to know that. Women supporting women is something I want to do more of, so I’m just putting this all right here!
  6. I am on the hunt for the perfect black leather Chelsea-style winter boot. Affordable and available in wide width. Anyone? It’s a long-shot, but worth an ask!
  7. Old Navy recently had a 50% off sale and I ordered several coats. I keep getting a TONNNNN of compliments on this one. Thank the LORD for animal prints being in this season. I’m a huge fan. It’s heavier and much warmer than it looks! I also got this faux leather moto jacket. I hope I have the courage to actually wear it. I am so not that cool. Sales, man. They get me.
  8. I’m already beginning to stress about Christmas. I need to start that shopping NOW. Maybe when I’m in Cancun with my sister-in-law later this month she will infuse me with her gift-buying wisdom and methodologies. She’s the best gift giver. Ever. For realz.
  9. We’re going to the Illini basketball game tonight (exhibition) and the Illini football game tomorrow where we are predicted to win by 20.5 points. I’m so not used to this level of confidence, so I’ll do my part and be there in my orange, cheering VERY loudly! I-L-L…I-N-I!! Rutgers, we see you.
  10. Not only do we have the game to look forward to, but my friend Kelly from undergrad is joining us this weekend! I haven’t seen her in so, so long. She said she has never met Shea…and Shea is 5. Man, time flies. I am so looking forward to catching up and lots of laughs! We were both Delta Zetas (are Delta Zetas?) and I joked that we should go ring the bell at the newly constructed house on campus. I wonder what the girls 15 years younger than us would think. Oh my.
  11. My hockey team are total jerks (kidding). As is the league. I missed last week’s game because of FNCE in Philly and my appointed assistant-for-the-week on the team reported back a 4-3 loss on Sunday evening immediately following the game. I read the league commissioner’s email today to find out that we won our first game. A few confused texts later…and confirmation from my husband, we won. Everyone had agreed to trick me – “a league conspiracy”. The far more concerning thing is that me missing a game on week 8 led to our first win. Coincidence? I dunno. 😛
  12. Our next listener Q&A is coming up on Dietitians Dish podcast. So far, people really want to know what junk food Gina and I love most. I’ve already drafted my response, but shoot me your question! dietitiansdishpodcast AT gmail.com – mucho gracias!
  13. Between Mark and I in a span of less than 8 weeks, collectively he/I/we will have been to India, Brazil, Chicago, Ohio (2 cities), Philly, Cancun, and Champaign, Illinois. Phew. After the snow really starts flying, we’ll have to hunker down some!

I believe that is all for my random Family Friday post! Have a great weekend and GO ILLINI!

Be well,

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