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Family Friday (vol. 102): Here Come the Holidays!

Work parties, hosting book club, holiday planning…where did fall go? My neighbor has had Christmas lights on for at least the past 2 weeks and I hope she doesn’t read my blog, because…seriously? She’s totally going to read my blog.

Gina and I have been chatting about healthy holidays on the podcast and it all just seems to be happening so fast. Faster than the Instant Pot sale last week that I couldn’t pull the trigger on. Is it really all that it’s chalked up to be? I’m not yet convinced. And besides, finding storage for yet another kitchen appliance may be the end of me. The upside to holidays 2019 is that the theme of “scale back” has already emerged. I endorce whole-heartedly.

Shea is officially in glasses. Not that she ever wears them…figure me out that one. She thoroughly enjoys cleaning them, putting them in the case, and also, losing them. Often. Come to find out my insurance is killer and her frames, lenses, and exam totaled $30. Mmmkay, thankyouverymuch. She looks darn cute in the frames (obaviously) and I’m sure she needs them, so here goes nothing.

Piper so maturely asks me how my day is while Shea seems to be hitting a brick wall come 6pm. She turns into an irrational, emotional HOT MESS. One night this week I wasn’t even showered after my workout as she was sobbing, “Mom, I just need you to hold me!” To which I promptly responded with a warm embrace. Needless to say, the OK to Wake! alarm clock is re-instated. The chick needs to spend an extra hour in the morning, charging her batteries.

Work has been bananas. Some good. Some bad. C’est la vie.

This weekend brings about a whole lot of nothingness, including an Illini bye week. I’m thinking some kitchen time is in order, but we’ll see what the girls allow for. I need some breakfast options for them, that’s for sure.

In completely unrelated news, my tennis game is on the upswing. Last week was 90 minutes of over-heads — my least favorite shot. I had a sore forearm until at least Wednesday. And today, I willingly took an overhead in drill. Something is clicking and it feels good not to totally suck at tennis…a sport I took up only because hockey was not an option while pregnant. It’s crazy to think I’ve been playing for 5 years now.

I have no other news. Winter is here. The winter blues are in full-effect. I’m trying to lift my spirits with cute hats because after surveying my closet, I have a lot of them. Already my girls are stealing them, however. I figured I had at least a decade before any of that, but today proved differently. Obviously they wear them best, so I love it.

Wishing you all a cozy, safe, and warm mid-November weekend!

Be well,

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