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Family Friday (vol. 109): COVID-19 Flow

As an extreme extrovert, I’d expect to not be doing well at this point in time. Perhaps it’s because my mental energy is focused elsewhere? I mean, name it…I’m focusing mental energy there, be it the illness and death in the world, politics, my own job security, keeping sane in my work that is increasingly stressful, and/or trying to be a decent mother throughout it all. My days have FLOWN by. (There’s also no FOMO — Fear of Missing Out — because there’s nothing to do or going on!).

Monday through Thursday, the girls have been up and at’em by 7am or shortly thereafter. No later than 7:15am. On a school day, this is glorious. On weekends, I want to cry. I’m generally ready-ish to get up by then, but it’s the jolt from sleeping to highly energized children ready to throw every demand, request, and question into the world within 0.2 seconds of waking for the day. I need a mainline of caffeine. This morning, Shea was in my room in head-to-toe winter gear at 7:30am.

Anyway, the whole early-to-rise bit has been great when it comes to getting them off to school (daycare), especially since I’m not getting myself ready. I leave the house in uniform (black leggings and something baggy, sans bra, and usually in flip flops, top knot, make-up optional – I mean, I don’t even get out of the car at drop-off) and return home to caffinate appropriately and begin my work day. The emails, calls, and texts go non-stop until at least 4pm. However, I break at 3pm to pick-up the girls and try to sneak in a workout before 5pm. I shower and move from one set of PJs/athleisure to the next. Any video visits I have during the day may require a bit of make-up, but from the neck down?? You’ll never know!

Even though I’m very accustomed to working from home (I’ve worked from home on Friday for years), I’m all the more productive without kids around (SHOCKER, I know) and I’m LOVING virtual visits with patients. And…they love it, too. COVID-19 has most definitely changed the way healthcare will forever be delivered. There, that’s something positive to come of all this! The bad? My kitchen island is my semi-permanent workspace. Come 6pm this evening, I yelled to Mark to occupy the children as I changed a patient’s insulin doses and then actually shut down my computer. I don’t think it’s been off in a month. I have a terrible habbit of working on and off over the weekend.

I’ve agreed to do a series of 3 Facebook Live events for our diabetes support group. I’m nervous!! I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. I’ve never done Facebook Live before.

Today, April 17th, it snowed. Several inches. After wrapping up the bulk of today’s work, we took the girls sledding. It was fun. Dirty, but fun. Thankfully, tomorrow is supposed to be 53 and sunny. It’s all a far cry from the hockey tournament I was scheduled to play in this weekend. I haven’t played hockey in over a month and I’m jonesing for hockey something bad.

I’m planning to make baked donuts tomorrow morning. I’ve got quite a few recipes in queue, but I mean, it’s quarantine time…shouldn’t that be the case? Having somewhat of a weekend plan is helpful – hence the plan for donuts 🙂

We’re continuing to make great progress on freezer clean-out. Of course we just added some Maine lobster tails but I mean…I’d make space for those ANY day. Can’t wait to enjoy!

My friend is a Mary Kay consultant and she has received a TON of donations. Mary Kay care packages will be delivered to our COVID unit and lucky me, I’m friends with the brave and beautiful manager of the unit. I hope they make the day of those they get delivered to. See? Some beautiful things are coming out of this whole COVID mess.

Our organization is asking team members to reduce their PTO bank down to no more than 80 hours. Of course I’ve been stockpiling PTO in order to take the vacation that never happened, time off over the summer to spend at the beach, and time to actually take some time off over the holdidays. Ohhhh well. I’m bummed, but glad to have a job, no doubt.

I have taken on a few small projects during this time. I eliminated the toy box that has been in our TV room/main living area for the past 5 years. It was replaced with a behind-the-couch table that for now, is decorated very chic-ly with photos, greenery, and woven baskets. Oh, and the best smelling candle ever. I’m feeling so…adult. Next up? Kick their play kitchen to the basement! Do I dare?

Our porch photos from before Easter turned out super cute. Couldn’t be happier with them! I do believe I’ll be putting together a COVID-19 scrapbook. The girls and I recently pulled out the scrapbooks I made of their 1st year of life. They’re adorable and this time together gives me a great excuse to throw together a scrapbook. I also uploaded 43,000+ photos and videos to Amazon Photo – a new photo storage app I’m trying with unlimited photo storage and CLEARLY, I need unlimited photo storage.

Bored? Check out my podcast, Dietitians Dish Podcast. Gina and I continue to push out weekly content. Have an episode topic you’d like to suggest? Throw it at me! Have a nutrition or other random question you’d like answered? Cool! We have an upcoming Q&A on the show – drop me a message! [email protected]!

Want some kid activity and meal ideas? The ‘Gram is the place for that. Follow along!

As per usual in COVID-19 life, we have zero plans for the weekend but are healthy and well so for that, we are happy and feeling fortunate! Be safe, friends!

Be well,

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  1. Jacky
    April 21, 2020 / 8:35 am

    Very cute pics! The time is flying. Wish I had more time to pepper in some home projects. But work dominates. And like you I am glad to be working. Hang in there, you are doing amazing!

  2. Rebecca
    April 25, 2020 / 2:06 pm

    You’ve piqued my curiosity…what is the greatest smelling candle ever? I need it!

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