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Family Friday (vol. 113): Summmm-ahhhh!

A fellow dietitian at work came in yesterday with the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen. So naturally, I 1. asked for a sampling and 2. etched it into my weekend plans. My college roommie/sorority “sister” (Delta Zeta, anyone?) is coming to visit, however work stress and nagging illness seem to be plaguing both her and us. Lovely, right? Nothing COVID-y, but by this point, is anything not COVID-y? Who really knows.

What I do know is that after I powered down my computer this afternoon, the girls and I were immediately out the door to pick blueberries. It has been a few years since we picked blueberries and MAN, this farm was incredible. The berries were SO big and the grounds were SO nice. The only problem was the blazing sun and crazy heat, but I mean…blueberry season, it’s always brutal. Together with the girls, I picked 10 pounds in an hour (slightly under). Piper, for once, actually participated (at the beginning, anyway). There was an ongoing competition — who could find the biggest berry. Therefore, most of my time was spent looking at/pretending to look at “the biggest berry yet” while I tried to enjoy my time picking. For me, it’s therapy.

I returned home for a Peloton ride. This is week 1 of the “Pelothon” and the challenge this week was to take a class with every instructor on my team. Meaning, this week included biking, running, YOGA, stretching, and strength. Good job, self. If only my podcasting this evening hadn’t cut into the ice time our friend rented out. I’ve been JONESING for some hockey.

We did however, get to join our friends for a late dinner on the river. We just threw the girls in bed (late), and I’m hoping that my directions to help themselves to their sippy cups of milk and dry cereal are closely followed come morning. This mama needs some sleep. I was up and at’em at my computer by 6am this morning and it was a busy work-from-home day. P.S. I totally miss working from home on the regular!

But as it stands, we’re very busy in out-patient diabetes and nutrition and our county has reported only 1 positive COVID-19 test the past few days. A few days of higher reports before then, but the serious spike I was expecting after the 4th seems to have dodged our corner of the world. Small victories!

Piper talks…a lot…about her “recital”. The girl has NO IDEA what a recital is other than she gets to wear a very tight, very poofy leotard-tutu thing. This is supposedly happening in about 5 weeks and I’d say there’s a 5% chance of it happening. Thankfully, she hasn’t asked to put the get-up back on because when we tried it on…I was concerned we wouldn’t get it back off. A little sizing misjudgement and a little curviness in my cutie. It’s the cutest.

Mark’s garden is MASS PRODUCING cucumbers and I’ve made 2 recipes this week with cucumbers, delivered 4 to neighbors, and we’re still drowning in cukes. I’m making my friend Jacky’s Cucumber Freezer Pickles. That’s the plan for tomorrow morning.

There’s a heat advisory for tomorrow and assuming Kelly makes her way here from St. Louis, I’m sure we’ll do the beach. Followed by an adult dinner out. We were hoping for a patio experience so hopefully it’s not THAT hot. We haven’t had many guests this summer, so we’ve got the COVID-19 special on deck for her – beach, berries, possibly a boat.

Mark is furloughed next week so I’m not exactly sure what all he has going on. When he was furloughed last month, there was a very productive list involved. Said list also included some weird things like fishing (my husband does not fish), so we’ll see what next week brings. I’m planning to play hookie with Kelly on Monday and enjoy a 3-day weekend. When I don’t have these random PTO days/half-days…I’ll be sad! Soaking it up while I can.

We’re still on hold as to what our school system is going to do this fall. Shea continues to talk about kindgergarten and ask questions – will she get to ride the bus, will so-and-so be in her class. I have no idea. Like most people, life is one day at a time. Relinquish control and just roll with it. I mean, what other option do we have?

My girls are getting a bit burnt out on swimming…unless, a friend is there. It seems that they’re more and more interested in their peers. It’s great, but it’s a shift.

Shea continues to be very agreeable to cleaning and all things “big girl”. I went in her room last night, only to find her clothes for the next day all laid out on her dresser. And next to it? The hair brush. She is my little planner, my little rule follower. Meanwhile, Piper was swinging around sticks in the blueberry fields while wearing her “princess” dress, complaining about the heat. They’re so very different, those two!

I’ve been spending the bulk of my time outside of work blogging, podcasting, and reading. I’ve read 20 books so far in 2020! The one I’m currently reading, Firefly Lane, is very good. It’s also very long. On deck next is White Fragility, which I hear rave reviews on.

Other than sleeping in and hoping Kelly makes it to Michigan, we have no other plans this weekend. It’ll be HOT, but we’ll survive! Lake Michigan water temperatures have been fabulous and very refreshing. No better days to be at the beach than the ultra-hot ones!

The days are getting shorter and summer is slipping by…trying to soak it all up while we can! On deck next weekend: camping and kayaking! Wish us luck, that’s for sure!

Be well,

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  1. Nancy
    July 17, 2020 / 10:03 pm

    I loved Firefly Lane! Did you know there is a sequel too? – Fly Away

    • Nicole Morrissey
      July 19, 2020 / 7:36 pm

      I didn’t know that! Thank you!!

  2. Jacky
    July 22, 2020 / 11:13 am

    Love all the summer fun you are fitting in! I sure miss the beach and Lake Michigan.

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