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Family Friday (vol. 115): Birthdays, Celebrations, School, Oh My!

We’re finishing up the 3rd full week of kindergarten for Shea and the 3rd week of full-time, 5 days a week, Montessori for Piper. It’s only my 3rd Friday away from them, and I miss them! I feel fortunate to have spent more time with my kids these first years than many working moms. Oh the days, when I worked just short days, Monday through Thursday, when Shea was really young. I ramped up to full-time when Piper was born and my work-life balance has remained pretty good. Even still, this new schedule for us is a change. I’ve needed to wake the girls every morning where they used to rise on their own in plenty of time to complete our morning routine and they’re yawning and near zombie status in the mornings on our way to school. Needless to say, we’ve bumped back bedtime by 15-20 minutes and may need to adjust more, if needed. It’s long days for these kiddos!

Shea is LOVING kindergarten, especially taking the bus. We’ve had a first playdate with a new friend, Audrey, in her class. I actually know Audrey’s mom and so the moms got to hang while the girls played (Audrey has a little sister, too, so all 4 girls played!). Shea is also very, VERY fond of a little boy named Tristen in her class. I can’t say his name without her going weak in the knees and her adorable little dimple nearly creating a permanent indentation. This is one serious crush. In fact, Shea shared that Tristen got moved to a different table in the classroom because of their goofing off. I’m very anxious for the parent-teacher conference coming up. Shea is at an age where she still tells on herself which is mostly fun. Yesterday that included telling us that she was itching her back end during circle time – hands down her pants and all. There was some coaching involved and hopefully her teacher isn’t completely disgusted. I mean, Shea did recently give up booger-eating…so that was huge. And lucky for us, Piper promptly followed suit.

School lunch at the elementary school is free this year to all students and it sounds like most families are taking advantage. The dietitian in me knows that these lunches are USDA-approved, but I’ve gotta say…I’m not impressed. Shea has also learned that she can sweet talk her way into chocolate versus white milk on the regular. We allow her to choose which day she wants chocolate milk (1 day/week) and she continues to choose Mondays. When on Tuesday she receives chocolate milk, she returns home with a big grin, happy to report that she got chocolate milk and it’s TUESDAY!

One day, I found her lunch in her backpack – a full bag of baby carrots, a bunch of apple slices with one nibble taken, an unopened cheese stick, and a ham sandwich on a little bun with a TINY nibble taken out. When I asked what she’d eaten for lunch, she reported her chocolate milk and cheese-its. This is a dietitian mom nightmare, friends! She is also being provided school breakfast on an infrequent basis (also provided for students this year in response to COVID, I believe). Why is childhood obesity such an issue? Well…

In other school news, Shea reports doing just fine with her mask all day. She has a homework calendar each month and as usual, she fully embraces the added responsibility that kindergarten brings. She is transitioning from “ninja” classes on Saturdays to gymnastics as of this weekend. She is infatuated with the bigger girls who are doing roundoffs and handsprings and all those cool gymnastics moves I know nothing about.

We haven’t been to the pediatrician in a LONG time, but Piper went for her well-child back in September. She got 3 shots and a fingerstick. Dragging her in yesterday for what was diagnosed as swimmer’s ear was no small feat. She is very fearful of shots – both of them, really. Shea’s 6 year well-child was the day prior and she received only her flu shot and a fingerstick. Man, I do not miss frequent pediatrician visits!

Our family pictures, as I shared, were a success! Here’s lots of them because I can’t choose a favorite! OR 2! Or 4! The one of Mark holding Shea right above here…my heart! It’s just the cutest! She is very photogenic! And in preparation for our Christmas card, dresses off Zulily have already been selected and are on their way. I won’t procrastinate this time.

Piper’s birthday was a Tuesday and Shea’s as well. Both took mini cupcakes to school and both were very excited to do so! We did not have birthday parties this year, but we’ve celebrated over and over with the sets of grandparents, aunts, and so on. Plus, planning Mark’s surprise 40th was taxing for me! This weekend we’ll wrap up with celebrations with my folks and of course, the girls are expecting cake…which I’ve made no motions on, so we’ll see what the weekend brings.

Today is going to reach the mid-to-upper 70’s! I’m hoping to get out and enjoy some sun and warmth, for sure. We’ve got a reservation at 6:30pm at a local seafood restaurant. It should be nice – I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for quite some time, and I know my parents thoroughly enjoy it 🙂

Our hockey league has officially started back up with refereed games as of last week. There was a new draft and new teams and while I had to sit out week 1 with nagging injuries, my team lost game 1. Hoping this week goes a bit better! At least we don’t have the late (9:30pm) game start. I’ve got the early game at 6:30pm this week. Everyone continues to compliment Mark’s rapid improvement…I not-so-secretly hope that hockey is one thing I can remain better at 😉

We’re about 2 weeks away from Big10 football starting and we’re pretty excited about that in my house! We’re also looking forward to basketball season with Illinois ranked as #1 at this stage. Woop!

I am LOVING my new Apple watch. Why? It’s movement based vs. steps like my FitBit. I was always discouraged by some of my favorite exercises (spinning and hockey) not computing steps effectively. The Apple watch appears to be much better at including ALL activity and I greatly appreciate that! I’m still figuring it all out, but as far as movement goes, I’ve been very engaged! I’ve upped my workouts slightly and I’m continuing to incorporate barre, running, and other strength workouts.

I’m hopeful I’ll be able to continue a few morning workouts a month. I feel like I’m still on a high from morning workouts the past 2 days. I do find, however, that I’m not hungry until evening and then I’m ravenous. I mean, RAVENOUS. And during the daytime? NOOO appetite at all. I’ve also been drinking TOO much coffee and I know that’s affecting my appetite – coffee always seems to completely kill my appetite. I’m so complicated.

I am so looking forward to a weekend without much going on and getting a chance to enjoy my parents, as well as my brother and his family tomorrow, too! Happy weekend to all!

Be well,

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  1. Bre Woodhouse
    October 11, 2020 / 3:21 pm

    These pictures are stunning!!

    • Nicole Morrissey
      October 11, 2020 / 5:29 pm

      Thanks so much, Bre! <3

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