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Family Friday (vol. 119): Happy New Year!

Not sad at all to see 2020 hit the road! And who made it up til midnight? THIS GIRL!! All thanks to the binge of Animal Kingdom last night. Whew…what a show. Kept my attention, for sure. 

Also keeping my attention — books. I know, what’s new. Anxious People by one of my favorite authors, Fredrik Backman, as well as See Me After Class…if you’re looking for something quite steamy and a total palate cleanser. I love to chase historical fiction with literary smut, what can I say?

In other news, we had a good but quiet Christmas. We saw my in-laws and my parents for a masked experience of gingerbread house and Christmas cookie decorating. It was great to see my parents…finally. I got my parents a Skylight frame and I think we’re all obsessed. You set-up an email address to send pictures to and they appear on the frame. Boom, done. My tech-challenged mother needed this in her life. She requested a picture of her 3 granddaughters in matching jammies and I took the picture, emailed it, and had it live in her photo frame rotation in seconds. Technology, aint it great?

We really scaled back gift-giving this year so I kind of knew what my secret Santa would get me (because we were all asked to make a wish list, of course) — a HydroFlask and a heavy Northface shirt, as well as a little surprise — a puzzle-of-the-month club! You guys, I was cleaning up some today and I’ve done no less than ten 1,000 piece puzzles this year. I have no idea what to make of this. Between my love for puzzles and old men drinks with bourbon…hmmm. I’m beginning to worry about me. Mark also got me a mug club membership to our most frequented local brewery, as well as a cocktail class with 5 others. You know, for when COVID is in our history.

Speaking of which, I’m scheduled for my COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday! I’m incredibly excited. Lots of emotions there.

Also causing an onslaught of emotion? My kids. Shea lost her first tooth and the Tooth Fairy paid a visit. And Piper is just not a baby any more.

Their cousin, Ava, who is almost 2 was visiting today and SHE isn’t a baby, either. I wish they stayed little for just a little while longer. Okay, more like forever. That said, I’m very grateful for the extra at-home time COVID has mandated for us. To slow down and just cuddle up reading, or playing new board games, doing art, cooking…it has all been good. And sometimes, we even get out of the house when there’s snow and get in some sledding. 😉

Other times, we come up with crazy ideas…like taking the 6-year-old and 4-year-old for their first pedicure. They LOVED IT! I am doomed. I should’ve known better. Shea walked out of the nail salon and said, “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!” Oh man. They’re holding out hope that we’re going to return for manicures but I’m pretty firm on my “no” for now. 😉 It was so, so cute to just watch them take it all in. Piper sat in toe wiggly silence the entire time.

Shea is resuming in-person kindergarten after a 2 week shutdown on account of a COVID outbreak among staff which was followed up with the regularly scheduled 2 week holiday break. We’ve ALL gotten into the habit of a slightly later bedtime and lazy, lazy mornings that begin whenever we want…or, whenever Piper decides to join me in bed. Piper used to come into my room in the morning like a bull in a China cabinet, but now just climbs in with her lovie and snuggles me while waking up at a snail’s pace. These kids will not know what’s hit them come Monday…

Shea and I put together a new table that goes in our everyday eating area right between our kitchen and family room. Our old pub table was, well, old, and also too large for the area. It’s now in the basement, but we have a 6 seat farmhouse style table with 1 side of bench seating for our little chicks. It was 2 hours of effort, but I’m happy with my Walmart purchase 🙂

Until Monday’s resumption of regularly scheduled life, a weekend of much of the same — quiet time at home, soaking up the slower pace of life. Annnnddd…putting away Christmas decorations!

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a MUCH brighter 2021!

Be well,

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